What is a Good Game With the Worst Box Art?


So naturally, shovelware tends to have subpar box art. Low quality game, low quality art. Makes sense.

But what GOOD game do you think had the worst box art? Personally, I would have to go with the Western box art for Ico. How that ended up replacing the original box art, I will never understand. I know some might suggest the original Mega Man, but I think there’s some kitschy charm to it.

(I think we can all tell which is which.)

Also Bioshock Infinite is a definite honorable mention for not using its amazing alternative box art that is found when you flip the art inside out.



Holy crap, is that actually the Braid box art?


Maybe not a fair example since it wasn’t the original boxart, but it came to mind immediately.


I wanna put my nomination up for every single piece of box art that just has the silhouette of a dude with his back turned. Sometimes he has a gun. Sometimes he has a sword. No matter what though, he’s always boring as fuck.


Mario Sunshine is pretty good, but it’s boxart is really pretty bad actually

by what I can only assume was some sort of horrible clerical error some random ad copy for the game somehow ended up printed in a circle around mario in light yellow impact font.


came to post ico


Western box art.jpg.

Most recently Final Fantasy XV. I hate how you can actually see the market research decision of “we need everybody on the cover to have a weapon in their hand.”

NieR: Automata did the same thing but mercifully had the Japanese box art on a reversible cover.


Much like the game, I actually like this even though I know it’s very flawed.



something something american kirby


The default is so bad. Thankfully it has the amazing reverse cover art.


The Winner


I mean, it’s boring, conveys nothing, and shows the worst protagonist, but it seems like there are worse.

Like, minimum quality should be here or worse, right?

As boring as all the “random military/whatever dude back with or without weapon” shit is, there’s probably worse.
(Although I should note, I fuckin’ love this The Mystery of the Druids box art.)


Mass Effect 1’s was just as bad


At least it’s symmetrical.


Gosh, nothing beats the original Mega Man box art in terms of sheer badness.


I don’t actually know if it’s a good game yet (since it won’t release until later this year), but I’m very interested in it - Elex. From the videos I’ve seen it reminds me of Fallout 3 (which is my favorite of the “modern” Fallouts - 3, NV & 4). Was looking on Amazon to see if they had a tentative release date (they don’t - just the generic Dec. 31, 2017), & that’s when I saw the awful box art. Thankfully, my shelves only show the gamebox’s spines!!!


The GOTY edition Arkham City box art is by far the worst that I’ve ever seen.

a mess


“Ok this is it. The last game. How can we appeal to the kids this time?”

“Those skate board games by that Anthony Hawk guy seem popular…”

“Good idea.”