What Is 'Fortnite' Prop Hunt?

Fortnite players no longer only have to worry if their enemy’s found an overpowered item on the game’s map. Instead, they have to worry that their enemy is that item in Fortnite’s world. Earlier this week, developer Epic Games teased a new mode, Prop Hunt, for Fortnite. Today, the developer announced that it’s available for players.

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Glad the article touched on the fact it’s yet another in a line of unique modes pulled from other games, as well as the (afaik) yet to be resolved dances stolen from artists.

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I understand that Fortnite is the “Every Game”, but do they not have a single original idea? The creative mode they introduced was one of the coolest things the game has done imo and it’s literally just a level creator, something even AC Odyssey could implement

Fortnite’s primary audience is likely too young to have actively played Gmod or TF2 when prophunt was popular, and they also probably don’t play the CoD series which has done versions of it a few times.

It’s not original at all but so few other games have done this mode in recent years, so I’m cool with younger people getting to experience a version of it.

Honestly, even Save The World(which is honestly pretty fun) felt like a mish-mash of things that were trendy in 2013-14, even if the game itself had a somewhat unique gameplay loop, where you would gather materials to build structures around certain objectives.

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