What is Shitposting?


Does shitposting necessarily entail insincerity? I think we all have a sense that shitposting denotes something in particular about the mood of a post, but I never see any codified ideas about what exactly delineates post and shitpost. Please share what shitposting means to you in this thread.

But please don’t shitpost in this thread, this is a thread for serious theorising about the nature of shitposts only. It’s tagged shitpost because it’s about shitposting, not because it’s a thread for shitposts. Please.


Shit posting is like when you get so angry you just go to bed.


Shitposting is just a rip-off of weird twitter.

edit: It also clearly involves not reading the OP very closely.

I’ll see myself out.


I think the term has different meanings in different circles, back when I first encountered the term it didn’t mean insincerity so much as flippant or casual style. Shitposting was when you could post without capitalizing or punctuating, and forgo an argument for making a silly joke.

I’ve heard some folks (including staff at this site) use the term to refer to actively malicious posting (which seems to be a more common usage of the term on twitter?), and it’s always a bit jarring for me because in most of my experience that’s not what’s meant by the term (although I’m not active on twitter, so, like I said, I think it’s a thing of different communities meaning different things).


When the shitposting is insincere it becomes trolling


I think shitposting is more descriptive of the people who describe their posting that way than people who are described as shitposting. I always thought of it as slightly more sincere trolling, or just otherwise lazy or unconsidered posting. It’s a catch all at this point for internet garbage.


I’ve always seen it as just low-effort posts. The kinds of things that would get your post deleted in a heavily-moderated forum. Not for being particularly objectionable, just kinda…shitty. There is also usually an attempt at humor, but this should also be low-effort.


shit posting is just shit posting. you’re fucking around. chill and relax psoting


Shitposting is like posting like you have no tomorrow, dancing like nobody’s watching, singing like nobody’s hearing. Everyday we’re held back by our preconceived notions and etiquette of “meaningful posting” that we forget that sometimes you gotta allow yourself a nice, steaming shitpost once in a while.

Practice self-care people. Shitpost.


To me shitposting isn’t necessarily insincere, it’s usually off-topic or random in some way, and it definitely feels like there’s a gradient. Provocative posts aren’t inherently shitposting either but shitposts can be provocative.


I was just listening to an episode of Friends at the Table yesterday, and Austin took a step back from the GM voice for a second, in the middle of describing a very threatening character in a very serious scenario, to ask, “Hold on, can I shitpost?”, the result being that he gave said character a beam katana.

I definitely don’t think shitposting implies insincerity at all, just an awareness of something you’re doing as weird and/or flippant and/or amusing for its own sake. It’s an artform, really.


it’s like posting but bad. but you know it’s bad because you had the awareness to tag it as such. but also you still posted it.
it is just another dark corner of the labyrinth of layered irony that is internet culture.



xoxo gossip girl


let me demonstrate shitposting by shitposting


Shitposting is just no-effort posts, or posts that have no content.

it also can serve a secondary purpose as a place to quarantine memes and Jokes and stuff.


It’s a way of life.


My favourite type is things like a joke or Photoshop you know is just plain bad, like using FaceApp on loss.jpg, but they can go further and have more effort such as anything from Waypwnt, photoshops of fake but plausible Heat St articles, etc.


Shitposting is posting while shitting. You don’t have to be on the toilet, though, shit anywhere at any time.


Shiposting is @Danika


What if all posts are shit posts?