What is the best NAME of a SciFi/Fantasy Book or Movie or Show?



MODS close the thread I’ve already won


I’ve always liked Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Fifth Head of Cerberus is my favourite.


MODS edit these posts to say Childhood’s End




I am quite partial to Solarbabies.

It’s Mona Lisa Overdrive


I love “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”.


There seem to be a lot of NON childhood’s end entries here, which means the Trolls have located me once again and are determined to make my life Hell.


Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand. Not only is it an amazing title, but it’s probably the greatest science fiction novel I’ve read.

Edit: by Samuel R. Delany


We have been searching for a while. Now we have you.


Childhoods End is a really good name so I might have to side with peter


link arms with me and fight until we are both pulverized into shitty dust


We will fight them together!



Mona Lisa Overdrive is a dope-ass name fight me.


YES! Someone else gets it!


Roadside Picnic


Of course trolls would reject the end of childhood!!! childhood is their precious milieu!!!


Without knowing anything about it I’m going to guess it is about the Mona Lisa coming to life and starting a revolt with other living art.


It Seems To Me it is about a car that is a painting equipped with NOS


Little do you know it was originally called “Childhood Send” and it was about young pen pals who struggled to stay close as their lives progressed.

It wasn’t until a typo that he rewrote the entire thing on a whim.


yes well mona lisa overdrive was originally a reality program called Miniluxe Overdrive about going to as many nail salons as possible in a 3 hour timespan with a budget of 50 dollars.

everyone has their first drafts