What is the best sandwich


I’m not here to tell you what is or isn’t a sandwich. If a sandwich can stop bullets or if a sandwich is just an idea. If sandwiches live inside the heart or if a sandwich is a breakfast food. I don’t even care about the difference between grilled cheeses and cheese melts. What I want to know is what is the best sandwich. I’ve made a lot, from croque monseiurs to Elvises to BLTs and zapiekankas. I need to know what the best is. I must know.

Also the answer is the BLT.

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The best sandwich is the kind that has two separate pieces of bread, vertically arranged, surrounding a variety of meat/substitutes, cheeses and vegetables.


To have it down correctly in the official record:


red cabbage or green?


I very much enjoy a nice french dip sandwich. Simple. Tasty. Elegant. French dip


Red cabbage is great, but I go with green here to keep it from out-competing the other ingredients flavor-wise.


Monte cristo is the best sandwich. Cubano is the second best sandwich. French dip is the third best.


First of all thank you for this.

All sandwiches are the best. Do not judge a sandwich because you do not know it’s story.

Croc Monsieur is simple and delicious but a Banh Mi is almost always satisfying but a good Pulled Pork sandwich is (chef kissing fingers).

Edit: Hold up never mind! Remember when I said all sandwiches are the best, I was god damned’ WRONG I have just been informed that Pupusas are a sandwich and therefore are undeniably the best variation of said food item.


I like a classic ham and swiss panini with a little mustard.


The first time I had a Monte Cristo I was about ten years old, sitting in this Bauhaus diner on the eastern end of Long Island. I had no idea what I had ordered—just a vague sense that this was the sort of sandwich Adults knew about—and was just about bowled over with delight when it came to our table and that singular smell hit my nostrils.


I also posted my ideal sandwich in another thread but since we’re doin this here goooes


You can never go wrong with a Reuben


I’m a fan of the open faced roast beef sandwich. @ the fuck out of me if you want.


@TheArcticSloth HEY! That’s a good sandwich.


That’s a good-ass sandwich dude


Perfectly acceptable sandwich


Thank you for the support. Sorry if I came off as combative. Everywhere else I’ve been there are open faced haters. Finally I’ve found a place that will accept my life choices.


If you havent noticed yet, we play pretty fast and loose with the definition of the word “sandwich” here. Everything and anything is acceptable as a sandwich.



Any sandwich where gravy is an acceptable ingredient is ok in my book.