What is the best sandwich



The friends we made along the way.

Alt. answer: a perfectly cooked grilled cheese - crispy but chewy inside, a good melt on the cheese (with enough cheese overhang to result in a few burned cheese bits on the exterior), bacon or ham optional but never in enough volume to overshadow the cheese.


Any specific cheese in mind?


a little browning on some cheese is so godlike.


I like a nice Muenster - it melts really well and it’s got a very distinct flavor. It can be fun to combine different types of cheeses in a feat of daring dairy alchemy, though, and the pre-wrapped yellow American single is always a strong base for this sort of thing.


I like chicken sandwiches. My go-to is a freshly seared chicken breast, cheddar cheese, and some sprouts or lettuce on a buttered baguette. But I’m also really fond of hot chicken sandwiches.


Egg, Mayo and cress

The egg and Mayo have to be blended and fresh (so it’s egg-and-mayo filling not Mayo covered hard boiled eggs)
Be generous with the cress but it’s gotta be majority egg and Mayo I didn’t order a salad.
All on white bread


Dude. Bang Bang is our city’s greatest gem.

Have you been to Cafe Marie-Jean in Humboldt? Most fucking slept on spot in the city. By no means is it just a cafe. Probably the best meat-based dish I’ve had in the city? Maybe second only to Bohemia House (also a hot recco, contemporary slavic food.)


This is… British? I’ve just never seen anything like it. But I want it. Bad.


a grilled cheese done right surpasses any sandwich. but if that’s not available, dang, a nice bbq pulled pork sandwich is hard to beat.


I really like a good fried shrimp sandwich. Get some good bread. Batter that shrimp just right, garnish with some nice letts, fantastic.


Being half Cuban and from New Jersey I have tried a LOT of really awesome local sandwiches, but there’s this place in Union City called Dos Amigos. They do a pan con bistec (basically a steak sandwich that usually has fries, onions, sometimes cheese, sometimes lettuce) that I haven’t had in years, yet as I sit here recollecting my mouth is watering like you wouldn’t believe. I can smell it.

To be clear: there are a lot of places to get great pan con bistec in that area, but this sandwich is a swan among geese.


It’s Canadian! We like smothering things in gravy, here. :yum:


I’m into a nice italian sandwich, maybe something with olive salad on it? I guess a muffaletta if you’re familiar. Maybe add some spice with a giardinera.

I’m hungry.




Okay, outside of a good pan con bistec or con lechon or con pollo…

Medianoches are also a good​ fucking sandwhich. Pork and/or ham, mustard, swiss cheese and dill pickles, all on in a sweet roll-style bread. All the bakeries around here sell these sort of things.

There’s also a place in my area called Norman Brothers, and they have a fucking phenomenal deli with a good sandwhich selection. I went here once with my dad and got a sandwhich called The Caveman. Premium roast beef, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, aged swiss, horseradish, all on wheat bread. It redeemed that condiment for me. This sandwhich haunts my dreams.


Oh I definitely get down with a good medianoche every now and again. And of course the classic Cubano (cause why not, right?). I usually get that with a mamey shake and…

…this thread was a bad idea right before eating a chicken salad for dinner.


Personal favorite is prosciutto and fresh mozzarella on really good crusty bread. Sometimes I’ll add some mayo or drizzle some good olive oil along with some greens but as far as meat, cheese, and bread this is as good as it gets for me.

I also love a cubano having grown up in Hispanic communities in the Bronx. So good.


Wheat bread, Frenches mustard, kraft cheese, Oscar Meyer bologna(thick cut). I am a simple man of unrefined tastes.


It’s the humble cheesesteak in its many modest forms. Chicken salad is a very close runner-up. The Reuben gets an honorable mention.