What is the best sandwich


A cubano (on the correct bread, get this baguette shit outta here) is top notch. Cheesesteaks are also dope. Finally, shout out to the Italian Beef (wet, giardiniera, hot link optional), a sandwich so good that it has its own stance for proper consumption. I like a nice pastrami on rye, a meatball sub, and a chicken parm, too, but those are for sure my top 3.


For Omnivores: it’s the Cubano. Two types of pork, mustard, and pickles can’t be bad. For bread, don’t use sub rolls, keep it nice and flat.

Vegetarian: Grilled cheese with a fried egg. Egg is an underrated addition to most sandwiches. Oh, and this should be sourdough

Vegan: I like smashing up an avocado, pico-de-gallo, lemon pepper, and siracha and putting it all between two pieces of toast. Almond butter and blueberry preserves are a close second.


The best sandwich, and the meal that constitutes 80% of my diet, is tuna mayonnaise with red onions + cucumber on plain white bread.


so here’s what you do, you buy a roast chicken from the supermarket eat it hot, that’s one meal, what you don’t eat you tear off that bird stick in a tupperware and throw into the freezer. now whenever you want a sandwich you just break off a bit of frozen chicken bits and put it in the microwave, maybe you want it hot maybe just enough to thaw it but still cold; dealers choice. toast up some bread (if you aren’t toasting your bread then 9 times out of 10 you are making a suboptimal sandwich) mustard and mayo on there, maybe a slice of cheese, american cheddar is fine but I like a nice havarti on my sandwiches. boom, multiple pretty good sandwiches for the price of a roast chicken. this is the best sandwich on multiple vectors.


The best has to be, clearly, the simplest and purest sandwich. Hence, the Butterbrot is the best sandwich, with its close relative the belegtes Brötchen a close second.

“Belegte Brötchen” pictured below:


I haven’t gone yet, but after this recommendation it’s high on the list.


Grilled cheese sandwich is my favourite.


The more sophisticated cousin of the BLT: the chicken bacon and brie sandwich with cranberry sauce and salad of your choice served with crisps. You want the bacon to still be warm from cooking so it melts the butter on the bread and makes the Bree just a little bit runny for the full gooey cheese experience and not so much cranberry that it overpowers the chicken flavour but so that it complicats the cheese

God im hungry


Put a cheese on that bread… The boys go wild


shut this thread down


I like Cubanos a lot. I also like a Reuben sandwich.


my favourite is a taco


That is a very good choice. My favorite is a hotdog.


I think my favorite sandwich is Doner Kebab made with fladenbrot. (Ironically never had them when I was in Germany, but found a local shop that makes them). Or a good cheese steak.


It has to be a Sunday morning sausage buttie, whether its after a Saturday night on it, getting home at 7am and waking up at noon.

A sunday morning before playing footie in an ice cold field.

Or before going out to watch the match.

Also Red or Brown sauce? both are viable


god a while ago this dude i knews sister brought home this chicken sandwich from the cheesecake factory and it was one of the best things ive eaten in my life and i have NO idea wtf it was or what was in it besides chicken


This is not the best sandwich because the place I got it at served it on some really poor ciabatta, but the filling: smoked meatloaf, caramelized onions, melted gruyere. So goddamn good. Stick that on any decent bread.


Crispbread with kaviar.


A french dip on some really fresh Leidenheimer and real jus is hard to beat.

That or a fried oyster poboy. Good bread is a must.


Absolutely a fried fish sandwich. It’s what all good sandwiches aspire to be.

I’ve literally never thought about putting meatloaf on a sandwich before (or smoking it for that matter), but that sounds dangerously delicious.