What is the best sandwich


Coming in here to scream Croque Monsieur from the rooftops and then leave

… Nah but seriously, the Croque Monsieur is a ridiculously good sandwich. Even cheap ones. Honestly, during my year abroad in France, any time I was having a shitty day I would just stop at the nearest available bakery and buy a Croque Monsieur. Typically they would be somewhere between 1 and 2 euros, piping hot, warm and cheesy. They singlehandedly got me through that winter.


No one here has said the Chilango yet, which is criminal. A chilango is a Torta sandwich extremely popular in Mexico City with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, a tamale (Generally chicken, although varies depending on the stand you go to), and salsa (Often verde, sometimes rojo). Our cafeteria at school will sometimes also put a chicken burger in there as well.

Or you could get a torta de chilaquiles which is like the one before, except instead of tamales ir has chilaquiles (fried tortilla chips with cheese, shredded chicken, in a lot of salsa verde) inside which is amazing.

On really good days they have chilaquile tamales which they then put in the torta and WHOOOO BABY that is a sandwich.


I didn’t know this existed and by god I need one!


Mexico sandwiches do not screw around.


Let me tell you about my favorite sandwich I ever made:

Ciabatta bread, cut in half. Butter both sides, cover in garlic powder and herb mix like Ms. Dash. Toast them. Basically make garlic bread.

Then a half pound of deli roast beef and add wasabi horseradish and sriracha.

It’s a damn good sandwich. Haven’t made it in years though. I would probably add fresh spinach or mustard greens now.


The best sandwich is my memory of a sandwich eaten in the late 90’s. A small deli in Philadelphia made these incredible monstrosities filled with every kind of meat and cheese dreamed of by man.


Ah, reminds me of the stories my dad told of his time in Iran and eating Persian flatbread with black caviar, whilst looking out over the Caspian Sea :slight_smile:


I’d say either beef steak sandwich, or brown bread with ripe cheese, pesto and olives :slight_smile:


As a kid, my favourite was always a fish finger sandwich (fish sticks in American English). Fluffy thick-cut white bread, lettuce, tartare sauce and 2-3 fish fingers with a slice of mild cheddar melted on top.

These days I’m vegan, but I’ve been able to create a pretty decent equivalent using “fishless fingers” (these actually taste better than the real deal, in my opinion!), substituting tartare sauce and cheese with a combo of Dijon mustard, chopped gherkins and glorious nooch as well as upping my bread game to some tasty wholemeal (the lettuce remains unchanged :wink: ).


My lunch today was crusty wholemeal with hummus instead of butter, lettuce, red onion, green apple, cucumber, carrot and red peppers.

Things got out of hand in the construction and it ended up bigger than I intended, but it was delicious.


There’s this bagel sandwhich shop I pass by every time I go home from working out, that has this fucking incredible pastrami sandwhich. Chili Cheddar bagel, sundried tomato cream cheese, a slice of cheddar, pickles, jalapeños, pastrami, french mustard, tomato, romaine letteuce and tomatos. It is my mana, it is my lifeblood, it is my greatest adversary and my best friend all in one. It’s the perfect hangover cure and the worst way to cap off a workout. I want to write poetry about that fucking sandwhich, it’s that good.


Hey now, a cheeseburger is a truly divine thing in its simplicity and being a fantastic way to put salty fat into your mouth.

To me though, cheeseburger is a lot like pizza where it doesn’t have huge valleys, but the peaks also aren’t as high as they could be.

I have had some truly fantastic burgers in my life, but the best burger I’ve ever had can’t compare to say, the best reuben I’ve ever had where the deli cured the meat and fermented the kraut in house.


I’m from the UK so you don’t really get them here but I like the Cheese-steak because it’s really just a long burger and I appreciate that


sandwiches are great! I love all kinds: banh mi, burgers, dips, you name it

at home, one thing I make probably once a week is “fancy grilled cheese,” which differentiates itself from the regular kind (which I also love) in a few ways:

  • use thick crusty bread from the farmer’s market instead of pre-sliced
  • use several types of cheese (my favorite mix is: cheddar, gouda, mozzarella, and a pinch of parmesan)
  • (optionally) add another filling such as: thinly sliced apple, pesto, or sauteed onions

the key to this variation on grilled cheese is to put the burner on lower than usual and let it get warm slowly - with thick bread it’s easy to burn the bread but still have the cheese unmelted on the inside if you’re not patient

another favorite sandwich for me is ciabatta bread, mozzarella cheese, and sun-blushed tomatoes


Pesto on a grilled cheese is god-tier delicious.

Have thrown on some chimichurri before too.


Reubens are by far and away

the best sandwich in existence.

A distant second is banh mi.


heck yeah pesto

pesto deserves its own thread imho

a great project is buying a bunch of basil in the summer, making pesto, and storing it in your freezer for year round delicious-ness


Cheese corn sandwich.


…explain. I’m very curious and also hungry.


Turkey reuben, lil’ easy on the sauerkraut, extra swiss.