What is the best sandwich

I’ll throw my hat in the ring for a cubano though I’ve not had a good one in years.

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Home made sandwich is my favourite.

If I know the question is a trap purely by it’s asking, do I fall victim by responding or purely by the knowledge it’s been asked?

jk chopped cheese foh

I’m a sucker for a sourdough grilled cheese/cheese toastie with good proper mature cheddar,

but as an occasional visitor to the US (from the UK), i had a tofu banh mi from the cinnamon snail in new york (not exactly the most authentic, but hey) that has amazing wasabi mayo and something basil-y in it a year and a half ago and it was incredible. i’m back on the east coast again now and it was the first meal i sought out after landing it was that good.

banh mi are generally a superior sandwich for the spicy mayo and pickled veg and just the cronch of the bread but are almost always ruined by coriander/cilantro so are a real minefield for me.

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Grilled three cheese sandwich, fried egg, two pieces of bacon, and tortilla chips

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I can deeply respect the person who puts tortilla chips on a sandwich.

Grilled chicken, Bibb lettuce, thick-cut applewood-smoked bacon on panini bread (pressed) with remoulade sauce. Alternatively, a really good cubano or Belegte Brötchen, as listed above (no tomato though because it gets soggy).

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Gimme the cronch

Interesting sandwich. The basil could be some sort of pesto

I could see a braised tofu working well in a bahn mi

Yeah, I’ve started making my own with a soy-maple-applewood marinated tofu, then searing it in a cast iron skillet. This sandwich inspired me it was that good


A friend of mine used to work in the cafeteria at public TV here in Boston many years ago. One day Julia Child is there and asks my friend to make a BLT. She said she’s never been so nervous in her life. hahaha