What is the Citizen Kane of Charles Foster Kanes?


For my money, it’s the emotional sophistication of Kane recognizing that the political machine has at last contained him while still flying into his pattern of retaliatory rage–it really sets the scene for all future Kanes to uselessly struggle against the boundaries power itself imposes on them.


Good question, the answer is Kane


Sorry guys but for me, it’s gotta be William Randolph Hearst


Well now, sure, you’ve got Kane (below), the leader of the Brotherhood of Nod. He definitely struggled against the boundaries imposed on him by those he had uplifted.

But if you want the embodiment of pure retaliatory rage, you can’t beat the original.

Still, that’s Cain with ‘C’ and not a ‘K.’ Less pedantically, it’s important to pick someone who combines both political manipulation with ambition and aggression. For that, you needn’t look further than:

And, of course, there’s always the Big Daddy. You know there ain’t no half-steppin’ with him.





this is the dark souls of citizen kane threads


Only one real 'caine.


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