What is the meaning of Wotagei, Chikage, and Uchisi?


anyone can give me some answer for the meaning of some of these words ? and what’s the difference ? please help me


Can you provide more context? Wotagei is like, goofy dancing performed by fans at Japanese idol singer concerts (and in America, anime conventions). Chikage is a weapon from Bloodborne and can be a person’s name I think? Not sure where it would fit into music. I have no idea about Uchisi.


this is i call chikage , and i still search uchisi mean


Wotagei - cheering or/and dancing for idol performances.
Chikagei - dancing without the use of cyalumes / lightsticks / glowsticks.
Cyalume Dance - dancing with cyalumes.
Uchishi - those who enjoy/fans of wotagei.