What is the most ridiculous rumored video game secret you believed as a child?

I remember hearing some really ridiculous rumors from friends as a kid about outlandish secrets in video games. Obviously in retrospect they were completely full of it. What are yours?

As for me.

That you could bring Aeris back to life in Final Fantasy VII.

There was a quest rumor in my circle.

The requirement was you had to be nice to Aeris and mean to Tifa every time you had a choice ( buy the rose, be nice on the gold saucer date, ect). Then on disk 3 you get the key to sector 5 and Aeris’s ghost will be in the church ( she is there). You also need the medicine from wal-market that you can only get on disk 1. You take the medicine and heal the crazy dude in the pipe near Aeris’s house. Now cured he thanks you by offering a favor/wish. The rumor was that if you were nice enough her ghost would talk and start a quest line ending with you wishing her back alive with the crazy pipe guy.

Her ghost was in the church and you can heal the guy in the pipe. Nothing else about the rumor worked.


even though I’ve never played FFVII, what you described sounds entirely reasonable to me, so I’m sure I would’ve fallen for it too lol.

Also btw there’s already a thread about this kinda thing over here. Last post was in July 2018, but wanted to give you the heads up :slight_smile:

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That there was such a thing as ethically purchasing video games under capitalism.

Actual Answer: Pretty much everything that surrounded getting Mew in Pokemon Red and Blue. The methods rumored to gt him were so difficult that I never bothered to try doing them, nor did anyone else I knew, but we all kind of assumed one of them had to be true.


My answer was definitely gonna be mew as well. I spent I don’t know how many hours in Diglett cave trying to find the one invisible spot that supposedly let it appear.

That you could unlock Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS. Spent way too long trying to make impossible jumps with the hopes that I’d be the first to find him.


Getting Schala and Janus to join your party in Chrono Trigger.

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When I was in highschool in the late 90s there was rumor that Luigi was in Mario 64. You needed to collect some of the stars in a specific order and in a specific way and there was even some post 120 start collection activities you needed to complete as well I think. There were instructions my friends found online and printed out.
The same year the game came out, over a holiday break, a group of friends spent the night at my house and we stayed up all night trying to complete this. We took turns collecting all the stars in the specific order and it was a great time. The extra activities were a bit more taxing and it was getting extremely late. Eventually, everyone fell asleep except me and one other friend and I was starting to drift off. At around 6 in the morning the friend putting in all the heavy lifting needed to leave to do family stuff. I was half asleep and said goodbye and then out of habit reached over to the N64 and just switched it off, terminating all the hard work of the friend. I clearly remember seeing the silhouette of my friend in the doorway, paused among a group of sleeping bodies, wondering why he wasn’t leaving - and then my actions starting to dawn on me.


A remember hearing a lot of rumors about characters you could unlock in Melee if you “hacked the game,” and getting really excited when I saw this monstrosity:

What’s crazier is that Nintendo actually went and did that.


That Mario Party was a fun, casual, game for children and not a gateway to the darkest depths of Hell


For some reason I really thought that if you could get Goldeen to jump into the water in Melee, they would evolve into Seaking. I was typically pretty skeptical of game rumors, but something possessed me to try way to long getting that one to work.

  1. A guy on my summer camp’s bus swore to me that you could save Fox’s dad in Star Fox 64. Doing so involved some how flying through one of the paths of fire during the final escape run of the last mission and I wasted hours testing each potential turn multiple times.

  2. In my elementary school there was a rumor that Pokemon in the original games would die when they hit level 100 like Tomagachis did—something about them getting sick and aging. So, despite the fact that I used the missingno cheat for infinite rare candies all my Pokemon were raised to level 99 because god forbid I get one sick and kill it.


Everything said about Fable.

I remember you could, supposedly, carve your name into a random tree, and it would still be there years later in the game.

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A friend’s older brother told me the Dualshock controller actually shocks you when you take damage in-game

He also pretended he got hurt by it and it really scared me.


I remember a friend telling me about this new game called Mortal Kombat where as one of the characters you could rip off heads with the spine still attached.

My friend used to exaggerate a bit so I didn’t believe a word of it then I saw the game in the arcade myself. My jaw dropped when I found out that he was telling the truth and also there was plenty more he didn’t mention.


Bringing Cid back to life in FF6.

Then later on I found out that you could actually stop him from dying at all by just getting the fastest fish and continuing to feed him over and over until he gets out of bed sees you off the island personally.

It’s a stronger story if he dies, but on replays i’ll never let that lovable old coot kick the bucket.


I also had a Pokemon one, but it was that, at the beginning of Gold/Silver, if you talked to your rival before getting your starter 50 times, he’d eventually take you to a room where you could get a bunch of rare candies and master balls. My cousin swore this was a thing.


I tried an awful lot of bullshit arcanery in Smash Bros Brawl to unlock Shadow, yall. Some real Pattern Magic Shit.

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The thing about this is I remember being a kid and thinking all the methods to actually unlock the actual hidden characters in Melee seemed so farfetched that I thought they might be made up, but lo and behold they were real.

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One that a cousin and I spent way too long trying to verify was seeing a nude Lara Croft in Tomb Raider 2 (3?). Supposedly all you had to do was jump on top of a large candle-holder/light that was by the pool in her mansion. It was a tricky jump that you had to run and dive from the hall way to do, supposedly. I don’t think you can actually make the jump, or if you can then it lights you on fire and you die. Either way, it was something we did as preteens because the internet wasn’t as widely available then.

Isn’t Janus Magus? … I’m positive you can get him to join you…