What is your favorite kind of pizza?


I’m pretty flexible on the specific toppings but I love a good meat-based pizza with jalapenos or a similar type of chili pepper on it.


Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, Onions, Extra Cheese. Thin crust. Red Pepper flakes and parm sprinkled on.


A good standard pepperoni. It is simple and a perfect way of judging a pizza place after all if they can’t nail a good p roni they probably ain’t worth my time. But at the end of the day a pizza would have to be pretty disgusting for me not to eat it.


any Pizza Good Pizza except for any pizza with Sea life on IT gross

I Love Spicy So most pizza i get Have at the Very Least Jalapeno. My go To that I make at my work is a light Red sauce /sometime olive oil Chicken,Red onion,Green Pepper,Jalapeno, Pineapple,Bacon, Mozzrella cheese and Dash of cheddar Cook it Throw some Green onions on top Perfect Sometimes a Pep and Jalapeno is the best thing in the world as well
Bonus topping would be Red pepper Chorizo and pepper jack cheese


A pepperoni and sausage pan pizza is my favorite kind. If it has good ingredients nothing ever tastes better than that kind of pizza to me.


If I’m getting it by the slice then I’m a fan of the square/Sicilian/grandma style (yes, there are subtle differences between the three but they’re more similar than not compared to a triangle slice). Prince St Pizza in NYC is my favorite by the slice place at the moment.


Margherita, or

Prosciutto, grilled pineapple, roasted jalapẽnos, smoked cheddar, maple syrup, basil, marinara sauce.


anything w/ jalapeños


Joe’s Pizza on 7 Carmine St in the West Village. It is the perfect slice of New York Pizza. Accept no substitutes.


Pizza! No, but really I like a lot of different toppings on pizza. That’s one of the reasons I really like the Blaze chain of pizza restaurants. You can get so many different things on a pizza there and they don’t charge you for the amount of toppings, so I get to experiment a lot. All that being said, I think one of my favorite combinations is probably chicken or sausage, bacon, jalapeno, and extra cheese.

Damn, now I want some pizza.


Green Olives is key. If a pizza joint doesn’t have green olives, it is dead to me. Also, I greatly prefer Detroit pizza, but I guess that’s just because I’ve live in Michigan my whole life. The only other region I like is a New York thin crust.


Pepperoni, Jalepano, Pineapple and Black Olive… with a liberal dousing of red pepper flakes and light cheese. I love pizza so much, but my body hate all forms of dairy with a passion.


Most all pizza is good pizza in my book - I’d take mushrooms and chilli as my top two toppings, but after that I can go down a whole rabbit hole of peppers, red onion, anchovies (only w/out meat though), chorizo, spinach, chicken, pepperoni… whatever you got, really.

I tend to favour non-meat toppings slightly, but I’m good with just about anything. If it’s got pineapple it needs some kinda meat on there to work. Only thing I’d probably pass on is black olives, but I won’t pick them off if they’re there. Probably not too heavy on the cheese, either - I like it but too much kinda messes with me.


I embrace all genres of pizza - Chicago, NYC, Detroit, California, etc.

Making pizzas from mostly-scratch is one of the things I do to relax, and I have one I call “The Pizza of Win” - pesto sauce, mozzarella and feta cheese, Italian sausage and Roma tomato. The tomato cuts some of the saltiness of the feta and sausage, and the net result is pretty bliss-tastic.


I’m also a pinapple and ham dude. All day every day!


Ham and Pineapple or Pepperoni and Banana Peppers.


Slice of white and a slice of cheese. Only way to live.


The edible sort that tastes good.


Hard to choose. Chicago style with lots of mushrooms and olives is a special kind of heaven.

Super thin square cut with peppers, olives, and artichokes is also very delicious.


White pizza, but I can’t find any out in Boise as good as what I had growing up in PA …