What is your favorite kind of pizza?


Any of the $5 pizzas from my Dominos. The value tastes sweet


All kinds of pizza are my favorite


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peproni, sasage, bell pepr


This may be a dumb question, but does the flavor of green olives change all that much when you heat them? I’ve always just ate them out of the bottle.


There’s definitely some change when heating up green olives. I don’t think they taste as briny, probably because cooking dries them out a bit, though they definitely still taste very much like green olives.


As a pizza traditionalist, I prefer sausage and mushrooms. I will throw a pineapple pizza in the trash any time, any day.


Not to throw something really weird in here, but I was lucky enough to go to Chef & the Farmer (of PBS’ Chef’s Life fame) and got their berry & bacon pizza | strawberries, house bacon, crème fraîche, onion, salsa verde. I love traditional pizza, but this was maybe the best version of any pizza I’ve ever had.


I eat entirely vegan, so it’s a little trickier for me. I’m a big fan of Pizzas made with Daiya’s Vegan Cheese. If anyone has Mellow Mushroom, I love to order a vegan daiya cheese pizza topped with curried tofu. Might sound a little weird, but it’s absolutely delicious.


Provolone, pepperoni and bacon. With a nice thick crust.


Pepperoni and jalapeño.

No, wait, where are you going—


Wow. Yes. Very correct. Especially good with white sauce and thin crust.


Deep dish, plenty of meat


there’s a local pizza place that used to do a fig and prosciutto pizza called Notorious F.I.G. that was my favourite, but the traitorous scum took it off the menu and i’m mad


Hefty (but not thick) crust, with tomato sauce, spicy sausage, chunks of mozzarella and chunks of tomato, big pieces of basil, done with a pizza stone on the grill.

Italian chef kissing fingers


Cheese Pizza, toppings are for children FIGHT ME!
wait don’t fight me I’m scared…


If you live in DC, there is a pizza chain called Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza and it is the best delivery pizza I’ve ever had. Straight from their menu, my two favorite pizzas ever crafted.

Edge of the Woods pictured below.

Gosh, I miss it. Moving to New York has given me so many options, but I had to leave all those great places that became regular haunts over years of loving 'em.


When I worked at Papa Johns, we had a pretty dope buffalo chicken pizza on the menu. I still think about it every now and then.


Durian flavor is my favorite, cant keep myself calm once see the durian pizza.:heart_eyes:


I like making pizza from scratch. It’s super cheap and pretty easy. It’s just time consuming because of waiting on the dough to rise.

Most of the time I go with pretty standard toppings (pepperoni, ham, olives, etc) but once in a while I experiment a little.The best one I’ve come up with was what I called Coney Island pizza.

It was a thicker crust (to mimic a hotdog bun), chili in place of the sauce, cheddar cheese, diced onions, sliced up hot dogs, and a swirl of yellow mustard.

It tasted…pretty much like a chili dog. Not exactly revolutionary, but it’s a neat gimmick pizza. I’m kind of surprised I haven’t seen any restaurant try something like it yet.