What is your favorite kind of pizza?


Bumping this thread to compliment the resurrection of the pineapple-on-pizza thread discourse, courtesy of Suda51’s timely intervention.

I’m a super-plain chicken-and-pepperoni person. There’s nothing quite like an ex-vegetarian for ravenous meat-eating, heh.


Peppers and onions on spent grain dough. Dogfish Head used to make this pizza but, for some bizarre reason, stopped.

I would protest, but their beer is too good. I’ll never forget, though.


My current go to is ham, red onion, spinach and roasted red peppers. Occasionally I’ll mess around with some sort of pesto based something, but only when I’m feeling zesty.


Alright, listen up people. This is how you pizza without fucking up:

  • thin crisp crust
  • tomato sauce
  • a full layer thinly sliced onion rings
  • anchoves
  • black olives
  • whole garlic cloves
  • fresh mozzarella and feta cheese lumps (try and see if you can squeeze some of the excess liquid from the mozz beforehand as it might cause the crust to get a bit soggy otherwise)

Boom, best pizza ever. bake it on a pre heated baking stone at 220 degrees Celsius for about 10-12 minutes, sprinkle some fresh basil or Oregano on top after taking it out of the oven and you’re golden.


I use to eat a lot of chicken bacon ranch but I haven’t really been around a place where I can get that in a long time so I’ve kinda stuck with the good ol’ pepperoni and I think there is a reason why the classic is the classic.

Tbh, getting pizza is an excuse for me to get wings and I love wings, spicy as you can make it.


Hard disagree. You had me on board up to this point, and then you had to throw this wrench into the mix.


Haha, Oh come on! For the record, you can leave out the olives and it’ll still be amazing.


I’ll enjoy any Pizza you give me so long as it’s got some Good-Ass Cheese going on. I am partial to Kebab Meat though provided there’s no onions, or if they are they’ll super well-done.

The best Pizza I know is in an Asda Cafe, inexplicably. Gorgeous stuff. The perfect cheese. Nobody ever beleives me.


any vegetarian pizza is good as long as
a) the dough is good
b) there isn’t too much cheese
c) there aren’t any olives on it

a mediocre dough makes a bland pizza 9 times out of 10


My preference depends on my mood but there are three that I keep going to.

  1. Sicilian
  2. Neapolitan
  3. Super thin & crunchy crust with salami.


I think it speaks volumes about your dislike of olives that you didn’t even flinch at the thought of fish on your pizza as a vegetarian, but called it quits on the idea of olives, haha.

(if you are in fact vegetarian, otherwise this joke doesn’t play at all)


I never mentioned fish because I hate most forms of pizza based meat. It is a hatred so great it extends to both land and sea.

(This hatred doesn’t extend to chicken, though. A fact that has saved me from the fate of becoming a vegetarian due to my inborn sensory proclivities for 23 years.)


Olives, onion, peppers of all stripes, mushrooms.

I can get down with sliced tomato on a pizza but I wouldn’t put it there if I was making or ordering the pizza for myself.

Pineapple is fine too, but it’s something I have to be in the mood for.


White. Ricotta is secretly the best cheese.


When I lived in Kansas City, there was a pizza place with tons of weird topping options, and I always had them make a white sauce seafood pizza for me. White sauce is usually a little too thin to work with most places’ pizza crusts, but they had juuuust the right kind of crust to let it seep in and thicken a little and it was perfect. I really miss it and nobody where I live now offers the right kind of stuff to get close to that pizza.

i miss it more than i miss the people i knew when i lived there. i loved that pizza like family


All Pizza is great. I was gonna say some more shit than that but I thought about it and that’s all I need to say.


Grilled Chicken and bazil with Jalepeno and hot sauce.


Baked Ziti Pizza. Give me all those sweet delicious carbs


Either with pepperoni and olives or with egg and sujuk (some type of Turkish/Balkan sausage) :pizza:


pineapple + cheese