What is your favorite kind of pizza?


There is only one hill not worth dying on that I am willing to die for because I hate myself & that is the DC area has way better Pizza than it has any right to have. Nobody here cares enough about Pizza so they don’t notice that the gods have given us a gift.


Another vote for the plain cheese here. Deeper the dish the better for me.


You know, there really is an amazing flavor synergy in plain cheese pizza that is lost the second you put any toppings on it.


plain cheese thin crust or sicilian… :pizza::heart_eyes:


big pizza

i like big pizza


Italian thin crust with figs and honey as a topping.
So delicious!


I think I may be getting old because I’ve come to just really enjoy classic pepperoni. Don’t have to worry about any difficult decisions just give me the pepperoni. I’ll mess with other pizzas, I’m kind of an animal so 90% of the time if it’s edible I’ll eat whatever. Pizza’s pizza.


This. Good dough, tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil, made in a proper woodfired oven. Add chilli flakes to taste. And a place where I live has just this for €4.50.
I live the life. This is an unapologetic brag.


Neapolitan style out of a woodfire oven and naturally leavened bread in Florence, Italy is gonna just be up there at the top. I can do it at home ok with a 500 degree oven and cast iron but to be real it’s not the same. After I went to Italy I realized there are fucking zero rules with pizza. Sliced up cured meats? Hell yeah! Any type of vegetable? You do you! Fucking mussels and clams in their shells? Yeah dog just pull the meat out- they cooked in the oven and make this thing a oceany tasting wonderland with all their delicious juices.

Dominos is alright too.


Well done crust with meatball & onion and a few splashes of either hot sauce or lemon juice. Magical!


My favorite pizza is sausage and green onions.


This sound bomb though i would remove the anchovies sea food has no place on pizza


I still remember the first time I had a meat feast at Pizza Hut before seeing Jurassic Park in 1993. It’s easily my favourite.


I generally agree that seafood on pizza is… weird. But, anchovies are just so perfect, it’s like the one exception to the rule.


Tuna and onion is my favourite probably. It’s also what I usually do if I make it myself.


Style-wise I like Detroit or Sicilian the most. Whom amongst us does not enjoy the classic “New York slice” and all, but I prefer the thicker, chewier crust of a Detroit style pizza, the way the cheese crisps arounds the edges (as well as how much more cheese you get) and the way the sauce gets kind of a roasted flavor from being exposed in the oven.

Topping wise I like the meats, particularly Italian sausage and meatballs because fennel is chef kissing fingers


I’m seeing pasta (specifically, penne or ziti) on pizza popping up in some places, and outside of putting bread on pizza (bread on bread), this is the topping that disturbs me the most. If the sauce is A-MAZING, it might mitigate this food crime, but that sauce had better be pretty goddamn good to justify carb suicide on this level.


Lotta cheese and lotta meat is solid for pizzas and I gravitate to that.


i like deep dish with pepperoni


…an hour later, I am presented with this monstrosity: