What is your favorite kind of pizza?


My favorite pizza is a surprise, as long as there is one meat component and one vegetable component. If only I could randomize my za.


Tomorrow’s headline, “Pizza renamed to Chuck E.'s Cheesy Mistake” after dozens of children and families reconsider the life choices that brought them to select this abomination out of the establishments more reasonable offerings.


I’m not opposed to getting creative in the kitchen as a rule but man this seems just heinous. The textures would be all off and oof.


Pineapple. The sweetness works really well with the other flavors at work in a pizza.


I would like to have apizza of my choice od topings it would go like this. Lots of cheese, Pepperoni (on top so it), Pineapple and Black Olive, Thin crust. Red Pepper flakes and parm sprinkled on.
Along with a white sauce cheese pasta… So much mouth watering… :yum:


My Dad doesn’t like cheese, so his choice of pizza was…

Thin pizza base
Tomato sauce
No cheese at all

It’s pretty great actually :smile:


Meat, meat, and more meat. Just cover the thing in nothing but animal flesh and I am more than happy. It’s not just that meat is good, but the texture of most pizza meat, plus size and shape, just feels good going down my throat.


Something simple like Pepperoni or Garlic Margherita. Can’t beat it.


I love 4 cheeses, specially if there’s some goat or blue cheese on it.
Sometimes, when I want to feel a bit dirty on the inside, I even add bacon to it.




I like pizza with eggplants and salami


All about that nooch!


I enjoy pizza topped with salame and mozzarella di bufala.


Meat Feast. All the meats. Delicious meats.


This is almost the complete truth. Pineapple, jalapeno, pepperoni, and bacon.


New York style with any toppings. Pepperoni is a good go to protein but can quickly make the pizza too greasy if the place loads on the toppings.


Taking a chance to revive this thread with a recent pizza success of mine

I cooked pizza for my entire famiily over easter and aside from the oven losing power for a nervewracking 15 minutes where I quietely contemplated my reason for existing over shaking hands and cigarettes, It was a tremendous success.

My favorite creation of the evening was a white pizza with thinly slized potato, greek olives, whole garlic cloves, fresh mozzarella and anchovies which I topped off with fresh arugula and a vinaigrette after it was out of the oven and cut into slices. It worked wonderfully because you have all these rich and deep flavours from the anchovies, garlic and olives, which is then balanced out by the sharpness and acidity of the arugula and vinaigrette.

I still have a bit of fine tuning to do with it in terms of how much anchovies to put on due to their oiliness, whether to have a thinner Roma style crust and what type of cheese fits it best, but the initial attempt was so good that I almost don’t want to fuck with it too much.

What has people’s recent pizza experiences been? had anything great/awful? made something great/awful?


I recently decided to go vegetarian and haven’t quite pinned down what my favourite kind of pizza is since that transition. Before that I enjoyed making a pizza with pepperoni of any kind, sliced ham (y’all south of the border might call it “Canadian Bacon” for reasons I can’t ascertain), onions, olives, green peppers, and pineapple if I was feeling it. I’ve tried making/ordering that pie without the meat but it doesn’t really have the same oomf.

I’ll eat a pizza with pretty much anything on it, sans meat ofc, so if anyone has any suggestions for a good vegetarian pie I can make at home that’d be radical.


Hey, I recently became vegetarian too, high five! I don’t know how feasible it is, but one of things I like to do if I’m making a pizza and feeling fancy is put some eggs on the top. There are several approaches to this, but I just crack some on top of the pizza about half way through the cooking process and that has worked out! That or I just keep it incredibly simple: tomato, mozzarella, basil, some dried oregano on top!

If ordering from a pizza chain… I’m still trying to figure that out :confused: it’s not like Pizza hut makes an incredible margherita pizza. I’ve been doing tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms (likeing mushrooms has been extremely helpful in becoming vegetarian) and generally been happy with that, but it’s a work in progress!


I recently tried home-pizza for the first time using a cast iron pan and store bought pizza dough. It tasted like pizza, wasn’t a ton of work, and didn’t make a huge mess, so that’s a success in my book. There’s definitely room for improvement, but I’m willing to try again.