What is your favorite kind of pizza?


that’s cool, congrats on the pizza! I’ve never tried cooking pizza in pans but I’ve been wanting to have a go at it and try and do a Chicago style deep dish pizza. Also, store bought dough is a perfectly fine thing to use if you don’t want to fuck around with making your own dough, and it’s definitely a more convenient way to go about making a pizza.


So I can make home made Pizza & by all accounts it’s very good (besides mine) but I always end up with an uneven & non circular crust. Does anyone have any advice on making a more perfect crust?


Circular crusts are overrated my friend, a rustic shape only adds to the experience :smile:

In all seriousness, I have had pretty good results in terms of roundness by forming the dough into round bun and beating it slightly flat with a rolling pin before beginning to roll it out. depending on the firmness and elasticity of the dough, which can depend on the temperature, you want flip it over regularly while rolling it out to make sure it stays “stretched”. when you’re rolling it out make sure the rolling pin doesn’t stick by using flour and you can sort of control the shape it turns into depending on which direction you roll it in.

This of course depends on how your dough is. if the dough is too firm and dry it’s going to be less malleable maybe crack a bit at the edges and if it’s too wet it’s going to stick too much to the pin and turn into a mess.


Thanks a ton!

My main issue tends to be I usually have really sticky dough & end up adding too much flower which just makes it impossible to shape in a way that I want. I think will invest in a rolling pin because I’ve been been posing as a dope NY Pizza chef who just hand tosses their dough which is a problem because 1. I am not a chef 2. Not dope & 3. not from New York. It mostly just ends up sending all the dough to the edges making the center incredibly thin and prone to leakage.

Again thanks a lot for the advice!


No problem! and kudos on actually trying hand tossing dough, that shit is so next level that I don’t even dare try it, haha.


When I was living at my parents place I didn’t cause we just had a rolling pin but since moving out I’ve lost access to a ton of my moms kitchen which has had years to incorporate basically every kitchen necessity. Shout out to kitchens by the way.


Nice kitchens aren’t appreciated enough until you’re flouring up a Pringles can to attempt to use as a roller*

*don’t do this


There’s a place called Cane Rosso, order the Honey Bastard. Nuff said.


broke student pro-top for rolling out your dough: An empty whine bottle can work in a pinch as a substitute for a rolling pin.


I’ve used to like pepperoni pizza the best but ever since I’ve started to slowly go kosher I’ve switched to margherita. Also, a good pizza is a thick pizza imo.

Though none of these were nearly as good as this one:

Sadly it is almost guaranteed to have pork in it and Biedronka doesn’t sell it anymore :sob:


i am very vanilla with regards to any pizza topping but if you skimp on the garlic i will remember your face


Pro tip: whole garlic cloves on a pizza is really, really good, provided the oven is warm enough. They get all soft and sweet and are super delicious. Some chopped parsley might go well on top to balance the “garlicness” a bit but it’s definitely a thing that’s worth trying out if you like garlic.


im a sucker for pepperoni and garlic, every other aspect is optional


While I love almost any kind of pizza, I think a slice of plain cheese New York style is the best.


Thick crust, eggplants and bacon (top Jew right here)


I love normal cheese pizza

Fight me

But I also like mushrooms, spinach, and basil. If I’m willing to eat meat I get some pepperoni. I’m a very vanilla kinda gal tbh

NY Style All The Way


So is a chocolate pizza good or bad idea?


It’s great. There’s a chain called Papa Murphy’s that puts together a S’mores pizza that’s awesome.


The pizza traditionalist in me views this as an attack on the medium, but I’ll eat and enjoy it nonetheless.

(I’d put some bananas on it myself)


Allium sensitivity, so I have to go easy on onions, garlic, and most cased meats (pepperoni, sausage, etc). Cracker crust bacon and hot sauce is my go-to. Trick is to use a hot sauce that is more cayenne than vinegar (Frank’s Red Hot is my fav) because when you bake it, the remaining vinegar cooks off and takes a lot of the heat with it so you’re left with a sweeter heat. And to use a lower fat cheese so that the crust doesn’t lose it’s crispness absorbing all the grease.