What is your favorite kind of pizza?

A guilty pleasure of mine is a deep pan BBQ meat pizza from a chain take-away. I’ll be the first to say it isn’t great pizza but it is a fantastic cake.

1)I like pineapple and ham, too.

There is a local place that makes a killer Sicilian slice with fresh basil and fresh mozzarella that I dream of most nights…

I went to Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine and there’s a local pizza chain there (I think there’s also one in Harvard Square in Boston?) called OTTO that was down the street from the school and god I miss it so much. Their signature pizza is mashed potato, bacon, and scallion and it is UNBELIEVABLY delicious. They also had a pulled pork and mango pizza, a sausage white bean and red onion one, and a chicken, roasted pears, and fontina, all equally amazing. They were usually open until midnight, but later on weekends so I would often run there and grab a slice or two after a long day in the studio or even as fuel for an all-nighter. No pizza has ever tasted better than those late night slices.

I live in Rhode Island now and there’s a local chain here called Uncle Tony’s (the home… of the plumpy) that has a “super special pizza,” which is like a classic supreme but with ridiculous amounts of toppings piled onto it. It’s like eating a whole meal with each slice and it’s incredible. But I do miss the more outlandish combos that OTTO makes.

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meat olives tomatoes and a big one

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I like Cheese corn Pizza.

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Honestly just give me a good margherita.

The New York kind. I visited over Christmas and $3 for one slice is a good deal. Since being back in the UK all pizza sucks - Dominoes, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns and all that ‘fancy’ pizza at Pizza Express with the sourdough base. It’s a travesty. How hard can it be to sell big old slices of thin crust pizza?

There’s this pizza place by my house that puts fresh sliced tomatoes and peperoni UNDER the cheese, and it’s great! On top of the cheese I’ll get mushrooms or peppers or whatever. It’s goooooooooood.

Crispy crust, bbq sauce, a shitload of cheese.

Anything else is bourgeois.

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As of right now, Dominoes pan with feta, pineapple, and chicken.

Jalapeño, pineapple, and onion is some good shit (when you’re ordering dominoes with a three-topping limit)

i love a mushroom heavy pizza with a white sauce, or something spicy with cured meats. if I’m buying fast food or cheaper pizza like domino’s I’ll do pepperoni and hot peppers, somewhere nice I’m looking for those mushrooms. In chicago, cream of some fungi at paulie gee’s, and the funghi at pizzeria bebu.

I’m from western NY and my boyfriend is from New Zealand (but lives in London) and besides distance the single biggest issue in our relationship is that he thinks the best pizza is Hell Pizza, which is essentially a bunch of ham on a cracker.

This article https://www.thedailybeast.com/is-americas-pizza-capital-buffalo-new-york explains exactly how I feel about pizza better than I ever could. When I finally move away from this cold hellscape, the pizza will be the thing I miss the most (sorry, family).

pepperoni, franks red hot

My current go to is Spinach basil mushrooms babyyyyy

My personal favourite type of pizza is without a doubt the Chicago Deep Dish, preferably the Stuffed style!!! The reasons should be obvious! I like other pizza styles as well but that is definitely my number one. I prefer mostly pizza made in wood fired ovens as It tastes is unique rather than pizza made in other ovens

What is your favorite kind of pizza?

The only correct answer to this IMO is the pizza that is in front of me right now

But I will totally get behind everyone else talking about margarita, or even better marinara. If a place can do those well then they pass the test, but honestly, if they do them well that is all I want.

We have a place nearby that does Turkish pizza’s called Pide which are long thin flatbreads with folded over sides which I am liking a lot right now.

Edit: I just looked up a place to recommend to @Velocirapture for NY style pizza in London, only to find that its closed :frowning:

My total favorite pizza is with a lot of cheese and corn and of course tomato sauce, LESS IS MORE hahahh <3

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