What is your favorite non-traditional weapon in gaming?


Lots of people in games use lots of bizarre weapons from frozen fish swords to the purple dildo to a unicorn gun that shoots lasers out of it’s ass, so who or what or how is your favorite?

Now, this will surely come as a surprise to some of you but my favorite is Huang Gai’s canoe from Dynasty Warriors 8.

Not because it’s the most ridiculous, not because it’s impossible(implausible, definitely) but because he uses it, he canoes in it, he crushes skulls with it, and it’s the kinda shit where you’re like “what if his boat was a sword” is not the thought of a rational person.
He’s an incredibly strong dude, he is a fisherman, and so the thought is, what if he just picked up his boat wherever he landed and then fought using it to get from point a to point b. It’s so close to a rational decision that makes it why it’s so funny and great.


Any of Joachim’s weapons from Shadowhearts: Covenant.

This one is “timber”, a giant piece of lumber, others include a locker, a frozen tuna, a building, and a boat.


Am also a big fan of “Boat”, because it aligns well with my own personal nonstandard weapon obsession: Bashing The Shit Out Of Folk With Shields. Shields are the best, and I recon the Pinnacle of Shielded Combat has to be the Giant Door Shield from Dark Souls 3.

Orma and Reeve’s greatshields from Dark Souls 2 opperated on the same principle, but had a less fun moveset and clearly defied the limites of human strength. The Gates of Hell are all the better for their token attempt at sticking to reality.

Also whips are great, love me some Belmont Shit.


Throwing dead bodies at living bodies with Telekinesis in BioShock brings the game’s difficulty to its knees. You don’t have to do anything else, just keep doing that. This always amused me.


came here to post Huang Gai also. some of his special moves invovle actually riding the canoe on top of dudes which fuckin rules.

my favourite non-traditional weapon is two great tastes that taste great together - the humble Sword and the humble Helicopter. i guess in-lore they are actually very traditional, but the gyros in Hammerfight are the fuckin coolest thing on the planet.

you control the game entirely with your mouse, so there is some technical skill to attacking well with these things (or you just jack up your mouse sensitivity). it’s incredibly satisfying. also there’s a ton of different weapons to pick from swords/axes/flails/hammers and they all feel different and let you use different tech.


Logarius’ Wheel from Bloodborne is a personal favorite.


@Scy Cut from the same stone, they are.

That shit reminds me of Axel from Twisted Metal. That’s a crossover I could enjoy.


There are probably tons of others, but the one that jumps out first is the electric guitar from Gungrave: Overdose, wielded by…I don’t even know how to preface this name: Rocketbilly Redcadillac.


Ah yes, Rocketbilly, the ghost rocker spirit of vengeance from Gungrave. Shit I love that dumb game.


Does a deck (like in Shadowrun Returns and its sequels) count? Because if so a deck.



Mate, if that counts:


Damn, I forgot how many good ones the Souls series has.

I was gonna initially pick the rubber duck explosive from Hitman, BUT I’m gonna go with Doomfist’s offhand. Oh yeah, that’s right. Not even his big, fuck-off gauntlet, I’m talking about the shotgun he has grafted on his knuckles. Understated and ridiculous, but it fills me with glee.


Holy shit I forgot about these.


Just a few off the top of my head:

The Gravity Gun(Half Life 2)

The Chemical Thrower(Bioshock)

The Wabajack(Skyrim)

The Junk Jet(Fallout 4 [ 3 and NV have versions of it as well] )

The Dubstep Gun(Saints IV)



“Paracelsus is a living demon-axe weapon originally named Flament Nagel. This giant living demon-axe is A.B.A’s friend, fighting partner, and spouse in the Guilty Gear games.”

“He dislikes things that oppose him, like Slayer, and doors.”

This is from a game that has characters who fight with: a guitar, a pool cue + billiard balls, magical hair, yo-yos, and a sentient(?) bed.


I mean…

What’s more satisfying than dropping a box on your enemies?


I’ve been watching a Yakuza 0 playthrough and honestly I’m seriously considering just stopping and picking up the game at this point.


The Witch Pistol in Enter the Gungeon shoots fast, accurate, fairly high-damage bullets… that have a small chance of turning whatever enemy they hit into a chicken. A literal walking, squawking chicken that bursts into a puff of feathers if you walk through it. Every weapon in that game could more or less be an entry in this thread (my honorable mention goes to the “Bullet,” a gun shaped like a bullet that shoots guns that shoot more bullets), but that one’s definitely my favorite.

Oh, and the Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun. Mere words cannot describe my love for the Gravity Gun.