What is your favorite restaurant in your hometown?


I live in Boston and I am the biggest fan of Dirty Water Dough Co. on Newbury, best pizza in the city and some of the best in the state. I’d recommend trying a little of everything they have, but especially the taco pizza, if you’re ever in town.

What’s your hometown mainstay?


There are three (3!) restaurants in my home town. One served me frozen chicken and gave me salmonella. I don’t eat there anymore. One has gotten my order wrong so frequently that I started making my orders as basic as I can so I’m not disappointed. Those two places are currently owned by the same guy.

The third place is a vegetarian soup and sandwich cafe called The Two Whales. It is fantastic but it is not open year round.


Portofino in Portland, OR. Italian. Fried Gnocchi with truffle oil, paper-thin lasagna, home-made limoncello and creme broule, one of the best wine cellars I’ve seen, great coffee, a decent selection of single-malts. You’re not getting out of there as a couple for less than $100, but it is really, truly worth it. Also, some very fine home-made Gluten-Free pasta, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Being from Delaware, specifically Newark, there’s not that much in the way of local cuisine, or at least I’ve had trouble finding much. Anyone with any talent regardless of the field that could liven up the state usually leaves for greener pastures, and I can’t blame them.

But at the University of Delaware in front of the 5 & 10 there’s a little metal food cart trailer with enough room for one man and a grill. The man’s name is Benny and he will hook you UP. Personally I always got his chicken parm sandwiches, but he’s got a whole menu and it’s all good, plus a bag of chips and a drink with it. Always a line. Always worth waiting in it. He’s been there for years, longer than the actual recent food truck/cart explosion.

Oh DOPE he’s got a Facebook!

Man, I gotta run errands today, is there any excuse I have to pop down there?..Gotta see about some BENNY.


If you’re ever in Raleigh go to Beasley’s Chicken + Honey and have the chicken and waffles. I mean it’s in the name…


I grew up in a suburb of Dayton, OH, which had zero good non-chain restaurants my parents would take us to. So the best thing was near the mall, which is Marion’s Pizza (http://www.marionspizza.com/)

Honestly, that pizza may be the only thing that makes me want to go back to the area besides my family. Hmm, now I need some pizza…I don’t care that it’s 9 in the morning.


Nakashima’s. A hibachi and sushi joint in Appleton, Wisconsin. Pretty damn good for a sushi place in central Wisconsin believe it or not. There’s not much here…


The most I lived in a place was 4 years in Paris when I was a baby so here are a bunch of home towns.

Quito, Ecuador: Gran Shanghai. Great authentic Chinese food run by the family of an old classmate.

Vilnius, Lithuania: Namaste India. Lithuania isn’t known for having many foreigners so this authentic Indian restaurant stands out. Owners are very nice people.

Buenos Aires: Argentina: La Brigada. Argentina is famous for its asado and food in general but this one stands out as the cream of the crop.

DC Area: Tie: Pupatela & Fetush. DC has a lot of incredible food so this one was hard to decide but Pupatela has been named the best Pizza in Virgina in multiple places & it’s hard to argue even when DC has great Pizza to be found all around. Fetush is litteraly right next door & serves Lebanese/Morocan food. The owner remembers everyone & while it might not be the nicest establishment the food & service is always satisfying. Everyone who I’ve taken to both those places ends up loving it & wanting to go back.


I’m a Greater Boston resident. I have a bunch of places I really love to get food. I really love El Pelon for burritos, The Dumpling House in Cambridge for Chinese, and Yume Wo Katare for Ramen. Which covers most of my favorite food types, too! I really wish there was a great Korean places in town. My favorite place to go closed down a couple years ago. :\


I live in a really small NJ suburb so most of the stuff around here is really nothing special but we have a really solid diner called The Prestige. If there’s one thing I love about Jersey it’s that a good NJ diner can really hit the spot.


we have a place called the Schoolhouse. it’s in an old red brick schoolhouse from the early 19th century. Fresno fucking loves it’s shitty chain restaurants and it’s one of the few from scratch kitchens around so it’s precious to me.


Of the two restaurants in my hometown, one burned down and got converted to a parking lot, and the other was a Dairy Queen, so uh. I choose hunger.


The Dumpling House is so good but I always end up ordering/eating too much there I’m just excited to see it mentioned here lol. As far as Korean goes I’ve only been to Myung Dong in Allston and there’s a place in Union Square in Somerville that I forget the name of but was decent.


The place in Union is good! It’s not my favorite, though. There menu is a little more sparse than I was expecting and the dish I really like to get from there is not as spicy as I’m accustom to it being, but it’s not a bad place when I’ve got the itch! And I also tend to eat a lot at the Dumpling House. It’s best to go there with at least 3-4 people so you can try to spread it out. Even then, though I tend to have some leftovers to take home with me.


Word. I work at a restaurant in Central so it’s too easy to head over there. Seems like there’s a bunch of Boston people on here :slight_smile:


Not exactly “My Hometown” but downtown Vancouver has an excellent restaurant called “Meet on Main”. Best Vegan burgers I’ve ever had! Plus the menu is full of puns.


In Antioch, California there’s a place called Sylvia’s Country Kitchen that just has the best breakfast you can possibly get on a given morning. I went for lunch a couple times and it was also good, but man they did some really great breakfast plates.


Small town woes.

My favorite in my current town is a greasy little diner that's only open for breakfast. It's near the southwestern shore of Lake Superior and it's called Lake Shore Cafe. Cheap, basic, greasy breakfast food.

My favorite from my Michigan hometown is Suomi Restauraunt. Delicious pancakes and pannukakku.


Durham, NC, it’s either Allen and Son BBQ for the most authentic pulled-pork and sweet tea you can imagine, Hillsboro BBQ Company for the brisket, or Watts Grocery for the ribeye over collard greens.


Also Bostonian, and my favorite restaurant is Thaitation in Fenway–a big bowl of Khao Soi will run you about $9 and it’s oh-my-god-so-good.