What is your favorite song?

Talking Heads - The Overload

A song made when Talking Heads tried to imitate the sound of Joy Division, without actually listening to their music and relying entirely on descriptions of it in the press, The Overload is like the most perfect intersection of goth and psychedelia I’ve ever heard.

“A gentle collapsing, of every surface” is the best descriptor for the tune itself because it sounds like your hearing the universe slowly decay and eat itself as you listen to it. As it progresses, you feel the void grow immeasurably large around you and the gravity of this makes your mind melt in, well, a sensory overload.

It’s a damn shame that their seems to be no live recording of it. Damn shame.


This is so tough! If I had to pick just one track, focusing on all factors from personal nostalgia to pure talent of the musicians, I think I would have to go with Baba O’Riley by The Who.

My mum has always been a huge fan of The Who (mostly for Roger Daltrey and his luscious locks! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ), so this song has so many positive associations for me. It’s also a straight-up banger and always makes it’s way on to my summer playlists.


Waving Through a Window ooooh~

As time goes on and my anxiety increases and I kind of just sink further and further into a nihilistic shit space, I think about this song alot, hell I think about the whole musical alot.

I wouldn’t say its my favorite song (for me music is too broad to hold a big number 1 favorite),but its currently the most resonant rightnke. The idea of just wanting to lock yourself away from literally everyone and thing is starting to to feel alot more reasonable.

Whats ironic is as a whole the show is very much trying to go “dont do that” but fuck it. The worlds shit enough and its people even shittier and Im tired.

If you haven’t heard the full cast recording yet, I highly recommend it. Its an absolute delight and deserved all those Tony’s.


Interesting coincidence, but my favorite song is ALSO by Talking Heads

It’s hard to describe what makes this my favorite song. It seems to just be the vibe of the song that really resonates with me in a very meaningful way. As well, I love the many different drums playing in the background, and other instruments that find their way into the melody.

It also feels great when they have little instrumental breaks throughout. The song lays out its vibe and really allows you to soak in it for as long as possible, and I love that.

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I found this via spotify discovery years ago and right away I was in love with it and haven’t stopped feeling that way since. I’m a huge fan of everything The Books have done, it really kills me that they did four incredible albums and now there will never be any more.
I also absolutely recommend the Song Exploder episode about this, I love the process behind it almost as much as the song itself. To pick out one particular part: most of the lyrics were written by flipping through TV channels, jotting down a phrase that sounded interesting then continuing to flip, and then assembling those bits together into verses.
It’s just beautiful and so strikingly unique and it’s moving every time I listen.

I think mine is either Everlong by Foo Fighters or Cowboy Song by Thin Lizzy. As an addendum to that the live version of Cowboy Song that goes straight into Boys Are Back In Town is my favourite.


them: whats your favorite song

me: here’s an 8 hour mixtape with 67 different songs outlining the major parameters of my tastes organized by genre and time period, and structured to maintain mood equilibrium


Them: what’s your favorite song?

Me: it’s… complicated