What is your Organization XIII name?


I was thinking about how Austin’s Org XIII name is Xantius which is so cheesy-cool but I’ve been coming up with appropriate names for people I know as well. For example, I have a friend named David, so I decided his Organization XIII name is Vaddix. If your name just doesn’t work for it, like mine doesn’t, then feel free to use an alias or just make your best attempt.


My name is Ryan and I feel blessed by options for having only 4 letters. If I was a villain through and through I would probably go with Xynar (zy-nar), but if I’m fated to turn good I would be Xaryn (zar-in).

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My XII name is Dynxan Voxidet

(this is joke took way too much effort)



No, I don’t consider putting the 2 Ls at the front cheating.

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Would you do it like the Welsh ll or

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I had to look that up and I’m gonna have to give it a pass



I’m just Vox but if they were rude.


What if I already have an X in my name?


I put my name into a generator and got “Rixaken” which sounds like something my doctor would give me for my anxiety.

Update: moved things around and go Xaknier. That’s much better.


Hmmm I usually go by Jeff instead of Jeffrey but I feel like I’m better off with more letters to work with.

Frexejyf I think?



I have to figure out how to pronounce that…


It would be lame to announce that my username is my Organization XIII name right? I made my account to post in KH threads so it seemed fitting.



That’s gonna be a crossover one day, right?


Axxel (Alex) :v
Forreal maybe Xelax?
Does having an X in your name take place of the recusant sigil or does it add to it? do we know? are KH rules weird and arbitrary as hell? probably.

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the sigil needs to be added so yeah, another x

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It came to my attention that some people have a hard time figuring out how to make their organization name, so I thought i’d give it a shot.

Basic formula is just your name + x i.e. Sora=Roxas

This may seem like a daunting task but the first thing to consider is that in most cases youll aim for separating the consonants as much as possible. In Roxas you see the pattern is c v c v c (C=consonant, V=vowel)

With c v c v c sora could also have turned into

  • Sorax Sarox
  • soxar saxor
  • rosax rasox
  • roxas raxas
  • xosar xasor
  • xoras xaros

This is further complicated when you have a name with 2 or more consonants than you have vowels or vice versa, since there are less strings that sound accurate. This is were it becomes much harder, but you can brute force this process a bit.

Take for example the name “Slava” There are 3 consonants, S, L, and V and 2 vowels c v c v c is impossible so youll go with

  • cc v c v c

A useful patter would be (lets assume the name is Slava, S=C1, L=C2, V=C3, X=C4, A=V1, A=V2)

C1 C2 V1 C3 V2 C4 - C1 C2 V1 C4 V2 C3 (switching last 2 Cs)

C1 C2 V2 C3 V1 C4 - C1 C2 V2 C4 V1 C3 (switching last 2 vowels)

C2 C1 V1 C3 V2 C4 - C1 C2 V1 C4 V2 C3 (switching first 2 Cs)

C1 C3 V2 C2 V1 C4 - C1 C3 V2 C4 V1 C2 (switching out a later C with C2, do with with each later C)

C2 C1 V1 C3 V2 C4 - C2 C1 V1 C4 V2 C3 (then start process with a diff C first)

  • Here is an example

Slavax Slaxav

lsavax lsaxav

Svalax Svaxal

Vsalax Vsaxal

Sxaval Sxalav

Xsaval Xsalav

Then pair the others, L with the other 2, then v with x

Lvaxas Lvasax

Vlaxas Vlasax

Lxavas Lxasav

Xlavas Xlasav

Vxasal Vxalas

Xvasal Xvalas

A smart move would be to immediatly throw out the combinations which have bad sounding consonants together, like Vx or Xl

there would be 4 in each row if the vowels were diff and you would have to switch them

  • c v cc v c
  • c v c v cc

These are more likely to be gibberish and take longer to map out so that’s why c v c v c is preffered. But even with balanced names, if you’re up for the challange you can try something like cc vv c or c vv cc for a name like Sora.

  • cc vv c






As you see here, much more prone to being gibberish.

Well, I’m off, good luck and have fun. (I still like how Xemnas could have been Mansex)


Thank you for breaking this down into a formula. I’m fairly certain the OrgXIII names were thought up before the “original” names, hence why they sound so silly.

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My name is Oxkash, and I come with money for your bovine mammals.

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