What is your personal media junk food?

In this day and age we have a massive variety of media we are able to consume, so most people try to cultivate their own media diet verry carefully as to not waste their time/money. However, every now and then we all need to take a break from our healthy meals to chug down the media equivalent of a giant platter of donuts, to really mow down some trashy stuff that just makes us feel good. What is your personal favourite?

Personally, my media junk food is mediocre Sci-Fi films with really dope visual aesthetics. Stuff like Tron: Legacy and Oblivion(the tom cruise film) or Alien Resurrection is perfect for me because the narrative is uneventfull enough that I can keep my attention on stuff like the aesome production design and the cool Sci-Fi lore behind the actual story without losing track of what’s happening on screen. It’s really fun!

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The Flop House -podcast. Few things give me such pleasure in life such as murders committed with submarine sandwiches, hearing words that sound like other words and being a general pervazoid, so all corners are covered. Also, who doesn’t like a flawless impersonation?

Really, this show is very funny and due to the joke-by-minute count being very high (and the ratio of hits and misses being well above most comedic podcasts) it’s very easy to submerge into like a sensory deprivation tank. For me junk food is about escaping the grim reality of having to cook, to fend for yourself in order to acquire sustenance in the world, so putting on some headphones and laughing like a real maniac (not an invisible one) during my entire commute is a real good way to do that.

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Right now it’s Saints Row IV for me. I didn’t play it when it came out and I wish I had. It’s filled with all of the stuff I’m into. It’s dumb in the right ways.

And weirdly the best Matrix game that’s been made lol.

Valrave the Liberator is an absolute dumpster fire of an anime that I watched all 24 episodes of, so there’s that.

More consistently, my roommate and I made a game of each of us trying to subject each other to the worst horror movie ever made. Right now I have him beat with the Human Centipede 3 - spoiled because even the name can gross people out. I’m fairly convinced his soul never came back to him after that one and he hasn’t found one worse just yet.

Warhammer (Fantasy and 40K) novels. Give me all that good, good, bad schlock! Bury me in stories about drug-addicted rat wizards, nuns with flamethrowers, vampires that descended from mummies, inconsistently retro/futuristic technology, Martian computer nerds, and spaceships built on Tinkerbell logic*.

*Seriously, there’s a whole thing about how Space Ork technology works. The short version is “it SHOULDN’T work but it still will if a big enough group of Orks believes it will work (because something something latent psychic powers or whatever)”

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My friend, let me introduce you to the amazing and reprehensible world of Kuso . Proceed at your own risk (no but for real even the trailer is too much for some people)


Ok now I want an orc shonen anime about a group of orcs that beat the humans by BELIEVING IN THEMSELVES please can someone make this.


That looks… kind of watchable just because of the names connected to it.

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I mean, if you think you can handle it, I heard it’s actually not bad!

I mean if I had time and was in the right headspace for I’m sure I’d be fine. Problem is I’m rarely in the mood for a gross out film anymore and I’m about to start grad school. All my time will be gone :weary:

I don’t watch TV, I don’t even listen to podcasts anymore, because generally whenever I want entertainment I don’t 100% have to pay attention to, I just watch Youtube.

I used to use my Wii U to throw Youtube up on my TV, and the Wii U’s playtime tracker would routinely report 175-250+ hours of Youtube a month. Almost all of it is about video games, though I do have things like Regular Car Reviews and a few movie things in there (Red Letter Media, KaptainKristian, etc.)

my taste in books is pretty uh…eclectic to say the least. i read a lot of fantasy novels that probably aren’t the best quality stuff around but sometimes you don’t want something super deep and intense, you know? sometimes you just want to explore a fun world. for me, those super good emotionally intense books tend to be a really great experience once, but it’s rare for me to be able to return to them again and i like stuff i can reread a lot. honestly quality of writing doesn’t bother me too much as long as the ideas behind it are interesting enough to engage me.

this is a really long way of saying i’ve read like 99% of the dragon books that exist

bullshit cryptid/paranormal documentaries. preferably on youtube channels that fill half the screen with awful channel advertisements because that’s the correct way to enjoy them. if you can’t enjoy seeing a dude who sincerely believes that his nightmares are actually aliens training him for intergalactic war then, well, i don’t even want to know you.

Oh, thought of some more! I love, love, love Gordon Ramsey shows. I’ve seen every episode of Kitchen Nightmares and catch Hell’s Kitchen every week that it airs. For one, I just like Gordon Ramsey. Dunno why but everything I’ve seen of him off camera makes him appealing to me. Other than that I just love seeing the stupid drama and good food. It’s awful and I’m terrible, I’m sorry.

Along those lines, my mom didn’t let me watch cartoons or play games if I had sick days at school when I was younger, so I ended up being fond of daytime game shows and the drama of Judge Judy-type shows. Really kept me focused on the action instead of my awful stuffy nose, haha!


Maybe the Northernlion Live Super Show (on youtube/twitch), filled with absolute garbage discussions and gameplay that is always highly entertaining, but not very healthy.

I made something very good or very bad. http://crossfade.io/#!/6qkf1niyt2

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I agree! This is the podcast I most listen doing data entry at work. It definitely staves off the horrible feeling of isolation and loneliness I often feel (in general).

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I love bad zombie movies in a way that I cannot really explain. I think the politics of the zombie genre are garbage, after you’ve seen a few the basic plot is predictable to each individual jump scare, and quite frankly most of them are just boring as all hell. But I’ve watched like… 230 zombie movies.

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Anime adaptations of bad/generic light novels. I’m not entirely sure I can explain what draws me to them, but unless it’s, like, offensively bad, I can stick with a bad LN adaptation through its whole run.


Videogame wise it’s Call of Duty; it’s dumb, loud and obnoxious but sometimes that’s just what you need XD Regarding cinema it’s similar shallow action flicks with little plot, lots of explosions and sexy people. I loved the last Transformers movie. I mean, it’s awful but I watched early in the evening with my wife who has a similar taste for garbage like that, and we had some beers and laughed all the way through.