What is your poison mushroom food? (CW Food)

Playing off of the What’s your power-up food thread, my question for everyone is what is your poison mushroom food?

How you want to interpret that is up to you.

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For me it is grits which is an almost sacrilegious thing to say living in the south especially in Texas.

However when I was a child I was forced to go to a weekend church camp where they served grits which I mistook for apple sauce and putting a huge spoonful of grits into your mouth when you are thinking you are getting sweet delicious apple sauce is a quick way to hating grits.

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Mayonnaise. So many people apply mayo as though they’re using it to mortar a brick wall instead of adding some moisture to a sandwich. Just…eugh

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Probably maize or peas for me, I don’t mind maize when it’s part of crisps or taco shells but on its own I’m left picking small yellow kernels out of a dish…
I don’t tend to be a picky eater otherwise, just some things I don’t vibe with.

Amanita phalloides


I love seaweed in general, but there’s a particular kind of seaweed that’s just like squishy and chewy and requires a lot of maceration before I can swallow it without feeling like I might choke. So I’m going with that.

It is also mayonnaise for me, with the additional note that nothing so reliably sets off my social anxiety as having to ask a restaurant worker “can I get that without mayo?”

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I could do without the judgment, too

I hate asking for food substitutions in general, too. I know folks with food service experience - the closer an order gets to how a thing is actually made, the better. I don’t want to put that extra burden on them.

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Korean potato pasta mostly for texture reasons from childhood. add in lima beans. thought i was eating a huge pea and getting a lima bean was a rude awakening as a child

Coconut and fennel seeds.

As a kid I got food poisoning twice, once from a clearly undercooked Italian sausage at a street fair visiting my grandparents, and the other from coconut shrimp because my mom wouldn’t let me eat meat on a Friday during lent. In the past 20 years or so I’ve gotten over the incredibly violent gagging reaction I used to have to these and now I merely really, really hate them.

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Carrots. I think I have some kind of conditioned taste aversion to them because of a distinct memory of nausea after eating a bunch of them as a child. Pickled, cooked in a soup, or grated into thin strips they’re fine, but if you hand me a nice solid carrot and I bite into it, I will feel an almost insurmountable urge to turn my stomach inside out. Not fun.


Sour things. Vinegar especially. I just cannot stand anything that’s very sour.

If you give me a beer that’s called a “sour” I will splash it in your face. That shit tastes like vomit.

I have a few but the most inexplicable is shaved coconut. I love coconut milk and coconut water but shaved coconut like you get in candy bars and black forest cake makes me gag. This sadly makes a decent chunk of the pastries at my excellent local panaderia inedible and causes me to once every seven or eight years buy an almond joy assuming it’s almond flavor, taking a bite, and throwing the rest out.


I have the same exact reaction to raw carrots. For me it mostly has to do with the texture. As a kid I got violently ill on carrots for some reason (I think I choked?) and ever since then any time a raw carrot hits my tongue I get immediately repulsed and want to gag.

What’s funny is I actually quite enjoy a good cooked carrot cut up in a soup.

For the anti mayo people does this apply to other mayos as well such as spicy mayo?

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i mostly only drink sours anymore :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It’s because shaved coconut is the devil’s sawdust.


Funnily it’s the opposite for me, raw carrot I find quite nice, delicious even, but cooked carrot is foul to my taste buds


Honestly the poison mushroom is a very suitable item for me. Never liked mushrooms.

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Apple Cider Donuts. They’re so delicious, but, because just like the poison mushroom, I end up grabbing it anyway even though I know it will physically harm me.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh comrade same. The danger ring.