What kind of beer do y'all like?


I know there are probably more than a few beer nerds on here, so what is your favorite beer right now?

I’m currently digging on Dogfish Head’s 75 Minute. It’s always been one of my favorite IPAs, but they recently started to bottle it and sell it in stores. I highly recommend it.

What about you?


I’m of the opinion that the best beer is the freshest one available to you, so support your local brewery folks. Not only do you get to support local business, it gives you the benefit of getting beer that hasn’t sat in a room temperature warehouse for two weeks.

For me specifically, I’m partial to the Wellington Brewery in Guelph, Ontario. Their Brown Ale and Session IPA are my two go-tos, depending on how bitter I want to go. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad seasonal from them.


My favourite at the moment is Lugtread, a lagered ale, by Beau’s Brewery of Vankleek, Ontario.


I like a lot of what New Belgium makes, and their business practices don’t seem to be an utter nightmare so that’s certainly a plus. My only issue with local beers is I’ve grown increasingly tired of IPAs and that’s what a lot of places seem to come out the gate with.

I’ve made a few batches of beer myself, which is kind of a fun meditative thing to set aside and afternoon to do. The equipment price up front is nothing to sneeze at for a minor hobby, and the space requirement is even worse for something that will get so little use, but after that ingredients aren’t all that bad. Honestly the worst part is having no idea if it’s any good for weeks.


The best beer is like the best camera, it’s the one you have when you need one. The colder and more beery the beer tastes, the better.

I am always happy with whatever lager you’ve got. Preferably pulled from a esky or bathtub full of ice.

If I’m being a wanker, the best beer I’ve ever encountered is the Pirate Life Imperial IPA (decolonise your fucking alcohol people) because it’s ridiculously strong and tastes like 3 IPAs rolled into one.


I usually like a good cold lager; Grolsch, Stella Artois, Hophouse. But occasionally a Guinness or Belgian special beer is also nice.

I’m probably one of the very few people on the planet not fond of IPAs :no_mouth: They do have the quirkiest labels tho’


Corona mostly. I’ll drink stella if that’s what’s there.


This is way better than it deserves to be for a tie in product. In fact, all of the Iron Maiden beers have been pretty good, their limited editions like Hallowed have been good as well, although I never managed to get my hands on some 666 before it disappeared.


I like red/amber ales a lot, there’s a few good local ones where I’m at. There’s also a really good Hefeweizen made by a local brewery that I love. New Belgium makes great beer, and I love a Blue Moon, too.


Honestly, besides 75 minute, I have lost a lot of my interest in them. I have found myself recently opting for a stout or a sour over whatever IPA is on tap. And if we’re being completely honest, I’ve reverted back to my old undergrad standby: A Citywide that usually includes a PBR.


One of my friends is really into trying out all sorts of quirky beers so I told her to order a Pauwel Kwak in its traditional glass Image
But they don’t taste half bad either! :slight_smile: Nice strong amber ale but surprisingly mild in taste.


I’m with @Navster in supporting my local breweries as much as possible.

I usually drink stouts and sours, with a good amount of IPA’s in the mix. Recently, I’ve been on a lager and pilsner kick. Urban South’s Paradise Park and ABK Pils, with some Jucifer from Gnarley Barley thrown in.

Still, my favorite brewery is TRVE out of Denver. I love their aesthetic (metal, but not in an obnoxious way) and their focus on making really interesting sours.


Millstreet Brewery’s Cobblestone Stout is my favourite beer right now, followed close by good old Guinness. Stouts aren’t for everyone, but this one is from a local brewery and I just love it.


There’s far too many IPAs in the market at the moment, and it’s too cold to drink them really. At the moment, I’m usually drinking red ales through imperial stouts: I genuinely think one of my favourite beers, although it’s far too ridiculous to drink often, is the Fullers’ Imperial Stout; although Harvieston’s Old Engine Oil is also at the stupidly thick end (but probably too much so).


Anderson Valley’s Holy Gose and Blood Orange gose are my favorite refreshing/summer beers. During the winter, I like a nutty brown ale, or some stouts (though my alcohol tolerance is such that I can’t work through a whole bottle of most stouts). I also love messing around with New Belgium’s collaborative/one-offs when I can.


I like super dark beer because I’m still at heart very goth


When it comes to beer I’m a stout person for sure: Guinness is always good, but locally in Seattle I like the Elysian stouts.

My drink of choice however is not beer but cider, the dryer the better. Local stuff I like in that style includes Seattle Cider Company Dry and Finnriver Farmstead. I also really like Aspall’s and Blackthorn.


Stouts for life.


Now I’m feeling guilty for still enjoying Allagash Curieux and Duchesse de Bourgogne (although in my defense, I used to live in Boston!). Can anyone recommend some good California beers that aren’t IPAs? I had a really good mead at Buttonmash recently, but maybe that’s out of context for this thread.


I can’t drink alcohol anymore as it really aggravates my GERD, which is a shame. If I could grab a beer still, there are a few beers I would go for. I’m not a fan of bitter tastes, so hoppy beers are not my thing - I very much prefer bocks or belgian/Trappist ales. Here’s my top 5.

  1. Schneider Weisse Eisbock
  2. Schneider Weisse TAP6
  3. Rochefort 10
  4. Rochefort 8
  5. Chimay Blue