What kind of beer do y'all like?


i like any kind of Beer


Currently I’m really enjoying a bunch of beers from Purity, but especially this:

Purity Brewing Co. are based in Warwickshire and have a great bar here in Birmingham city centre, which along with the beers, has a fantastic kitchen which serves amazing food.


I’ve never had a beer I didn’t like. Lean towards stouts, especially when it’s colder, but I also put about a gallon of PBR into my big stupid maw every other day. I’m in central PA where apparently there’s a scene, so every beer place has at least 100 names I’ve never heard of, half of which are actually just owned by the same company (or so my paranoid ass assumes).

While we’re here, does anyone wanna throw out some breweries whose beer and business practices are both tasty?


New Holland beers rule everything around me. Dragon’s Milk :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3:

(i’m more of a liquor man)


Anyone here making (or have made) their own beer/cider/mead/wine/moonshine?


I’m a big fan of fruit beers. Discovered this one recently and it might be my new favorite beer:



This is probably gonna end up being a bit of a basic opinion, but at the end of the day, I keep coming back to Abita Amber. It’s a mid tier amber ale at best, but something about it just brings me straight to having a casual drink in the French Quarter of NOLA during a vacation with my folks, seeing Eric Clapton play, and touring the aquarium.


I do love that a beer or a dish can be such a specific reminder of a place in time.

Drinking a beer from Wiseacre brings me back to college, but more importantly it reminds me of Memphis. Specifically it reminds me of a day my senior year where I went to my favorite BBQ restaurant on a gorgeous day, ate a half rack of ribs and a pulled pork sandwich outside, and realized I was leaving the city for good. A little bittersweet I guess, but each can of Gotta Get Up to Get Down (their coffee stout) is a reminder of all the cool experiences I had.


I’m am a Baltimore Boy so I drink a lot of localish stuff. Heavy Seas, Flying Dog, Dogfish Head. My go-to is usually Heavy Seas Cutlass. Recently though I went to Union Craft Brewery and sampled some of their stuff. I had one coffee beer called AM Gold and in a wonderful twist, it wasn’t a stout or Porter, but a cream ale (idk what that is, but it was gold in color) and refreshing as hell! Can’t find it anywhere else though.


Hell yeah I get Wiseacre Tiny Bombs just to feel at home.

Sidenote I wish I could send some Tiny Bombs to Giant Bomb.


Luckily, Wiseacre started distributing to South Louisiana so I can get my fix these days.


I’ve made a couple of different styles of ipas. They’ve all been clones of some of my favorites (Pliney the Elder, Racer 5, etc.). I think my roommates and I are going to try a stout next.


bittersweet indeed, making my eyes water thinking of all those moments in my life…


Do you find making your own worth it? I hadn’t really considered it until recently when I had a drink at a restaurant only to find out they don’t sell it anywhere in the city. So now I’m slightly paranoid about having an amazing drink only to never taste it again, it’s like @Bugseye 's bittersweet memory with now way to revisit.


I drink beer very occasionally, so I want it to be something special, either fancy, local, or odd. I’ve never had a Bud Light or beers like that not because I think I’m too good for them, but because they’re not interesting enough to be my one beer in a month. Last night I had a bottle of Samuel Smith’s Chocolate Stout, which was pricey but wild: sweet, creamy, rich and smooth. I tend to prefer porters and stouts, and if you’re ever in its distribution area (just VA, I think, but widely available), I recommend picking up a St. George porter.


For sure. It’s a bit of an investment in both time and money, but it’s a lot of fun to research new recipes and tweak old ones. It’s fun to set aside a day for brewing where you can both relax (during the boil) as well as feel productive at the end. I’d recommend doing it with a friend as it’s a bit much to take on solo at first.

Plus, of course, being able to drink your own brew is a special reward in and of itself.


I’m from the mid-atlantic area so I’m a huge fan of Heavy Seas (their Tropicannon? Hell yes).

I was bummed when they shut down the brewpub in Baltimore proper. They had the best onion rings there…


Tropicannon is definitely my go-to summer beer. But hmm, I might grab a pack tonight!

And the brewpub was real good too. Probably the best brewery experience I’ve had!


I am partial to red lagers and that means my local brewery’s (Lakefront Brewery) RiverWest Stein.


I don’t drink beer very often but I like a good Belgian style typically when I do. I also love Stouts, been getting more into Guinness lately. I also like dark beers in general and am also a fan of sour beers which is probably my most divisive choice.