What kind of beer do y'all like?


In my opinion, the darker the beer the better, yet I’ve never been able to get myself into Guinness. Fortunately, Texas keeps me spoiled w/ endless Shiner and St. Arnold variants, plus my personal favorite, Rahr and Sons’ Ugly Pug.


I’ve been getting into a lot of sours recently since I have more or less burned out on IPAs. One of my favorites is the Three Taverns Rapturous: http://www.threetavernsbrewery.com/rapturous

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I’m all about sours! Dogfish’s Seaquench is my light summer beer of choice.

Upland’s Kiwi is probably the best sour I’ve ever tasted.

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Check out Samuel Smith’s Taddy Porter and Oatmeal Stout if you enjoyed their chocolate stout. They’re both great easy drinkers.

@TheMostRad Rahr & Sons hit the market about 6 months ago. Ugly Pug is delicious!

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Give me the Dogfish 120, I love one beer that gives me the buzz of 4.