What kind of games would you like your favorite artists to score?


First off, sorry I wasn’t sure if this should go in video games or music section, sorry if I picked poorly.

Anyway, I like to play this game with myself sometimes and try to pick what kind of games I would like my favorite bands to write a sound track for. The No Man’s Sky soundtrack inspired me to start doing this, even though 65daysofstatic aren’t one my favorite bands, they made an incredible OST.

It can be an already established IP, a genre, or any category you like.

So I’ll start with a couple of my favorite musicians/bands:

Murder by Death: I would love it if they were able to score an action RPG that is kind of a dark western with maybe cosmic horror undertones.

Imogen Heap: I would actually like it if she did something like No Man’s Sky. She writes lovely atmospheric music that would fit with space exploration. She also loves technology, so it would be a cool challenge for her to do something like this.

Conor Oberst: I’ve already heard a Bright Eyes song in Life is Strange, so it would make sense for him to do a soundtrack for a game similar to that.

Ben Folds: A versatile musician that could probably write for anything, but I would like to see him make a jazzy OST for maybe a light hearted 3D platformer with lots of humor.

Coheed and Cambria: An action packed space opera, maybe something similar to Mass Effect in style. They could even base it off the world their music is about.

That’s what I have for now, I’ll add some more later when I think of some. I’d love to hear other people’s ideas!


Meshuggah: I’d love them to score a DOOM type game or a flashy character action game. Anything where you’re taking on hoards of hell demons.


I think The National would fit well with something by CD Projekt Red, maybe even right in Cyberpunk. Open world game with a strong emphasis on fleshed out oppressive social structures and the downtrodden emotions that arise from it. The National tends to strike me as sometimes somber, sometimes manic, and that’s kind of the highs and lows I felt from Witcher III. Going into a more modernistic or “familiar” futuristic setting but maintaining that tonality seems like a great match up.


i really want a shadowrun type game scored by like, zomby and burial

i dont actually know (nor particularly care) what happened to london in the shadowrun mythos but like. that kind of cyberpunky game set in london w that as the soundtrack. pleez.


I need to check out the National. Never given them much of a chance but you sell them pretty well.

@Skronk that would be pretty cool. Fear Factory would work too, especially for Doom with the industrial element.


Reminded of a friend’s idea by the appreciation thread a few posts down, so: BROCKHAMPTON rhythm game. 100%.

I’d also love to see Kenshi Yonezu work on a sci-fi or fantasy game he was able to have other creative input in, or Neil Cicierega to similarly get hired for any kind of fun, unique RPG.

(This is a cool idea for a thread!)


I would love to play a racing game (like Burnout) scored by Judas Priest. I have great memories of playing Burnout 3 on an Xbox with a hard drive of mostly Judas Priest music on it.


more often i just listen to some music and
catch my self dreaming about possibilty of having amazing game with perfectly fitting score
made by that artist and i kind of like the mystery of not really knowing what kind of game would that be
but in the end i guess i would love to have any game with soundtrack made by my favourite artists

i wish playable music videos were more of a thing
correct me if i am wrong
but that was the case with this?

edit: nevermind there is even link to “the game” in description


I’d love to play a SHMUP scored by Animals as Leaders


That would be pretty bad ass