What Made This Fan Translate an Obscure 1998 'Twin Peaks'-Inspired PS1 Game

Long before 'Deadly Premonition' or 'Alan Wake,' 'Mizzurna Falls' cribbed from David Lynch's television classic.

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I’ve had the let’s play on my to watch list for so long. Really gotten the mood lately with Twin Peaks on the air. (I guess I need a replacement soon anyway :sleepy:)

Really cool to see this being written about anyway, and an interview at that.

Gosh this really does look cool. The world needs more Twin Peaks.

I definitely want to check this out! So cool the game’s got someone so devoted to its translation.

I’m glad that my recognition senses did not fail me, for even the pixel art and shots of the characters of this game just screamed Clock Tower to me.

Resident Evie’s determination is really something. I hadn’t heard of Mizzurna Falls before today, although part of me definitely wonders if Swery65 is familiar with it (details like the importance of your car’s gas are shared between Mizzurna and Deadly Premonition, although the latter has no time penalty to make it truly punishing).

I’ve never watched Twin Peaks, so that might be my first port of call on this particular track. But Mizzurna definitely sounds fascinating.

There is no way Swery didn’t hear of Mizzurna Falls, a shared interest in Twin Peaks cannot result in two games that are so similar. Also, Human Entertainment was such a creative force back then, that it must have been a one way stop for every japanese creators trying to make something new and special. Suda51 worked there.

There’s an interview of the director in HG101, I think he’s a ski instructor in Canada now. How sad to see that a man that has innovated on dozens and dozens of elements that would catch fire in the video game industry has never been recognized for his achievements.

Human was so awesome. They did another really interesting game for the SNES called Septentrion. It came out in the US under the name SOS (no relation to the Amiga/SNES puzzle game S.O.S.: Sink or Swim). It takes place over an hour or real time on a sinking ship where you have to adventure around trying to find a way out and save as many people as possible.


Even their Fire Pro wrestling games were (and are IMO) basically the gold standard

Twin Peaks is so awesome, anyone who likes anything that could be described as “weird video game from the 90s” would like it, it was that influential.