What magical artifact would you want?


The remote control from the Adam Sandler classic CLICK


The Dragon Balls If i Get the First wish before they scatter I use it to wish for the power of Causality if that’s to much for the Dragon to do then I get power of flight or something then just find the balls every time there ready


A Genie Lamp that includes the ghost of Robin Williams

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Teleportation runes. Thinking small I could live anywhere I want, work anywhere I want without having to worry about travelling between them, Thinking big you could upend how our societies are structured geographically.

Damn what a necrobump! Saw this on the front page! Whoops

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Definitely a bag of holding. Something like a cross between Hermione’s bag and Newt’s briefcase. Hold anything I want, no one would ever need to know, AND doubles as a portable house!


Ah, the good ol’ days when joke threads didn’t auto-lock after three days.

As someone who is always cold, I remember reading a YA book series about djinn in which the main characters were given magic permanently-heated rocks to keep in their pockets, and man those always sounded really nice.

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I want the Flying Nimbus so that we can test our presidential candidates on it. Anybody who can’t ride it isn’t getting my vote.


I’m so with this. No car payment, no expensive plane tickets, just close my eyes and show up. What I will add is either proximity check or temporary invulnerability so I don’t get whacked right when i arrive somewhere.

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Before this thread locks I need to say that I would want a shapeshifting ring


I really just want a ring of equanimity, so that no matter what goes down, I’m really, truly, alright with it.


A bag of Holding was the first thing that came to mind, too!

Remember in Scott Pilgrim where Scott literally goes inside Ramona’s bag of holding to hide from a fight?

What if you could just do that any time. Having a panic attack? Into the bag I go!