What Makes A Bad Game Title?

I have pc gamepass and the apparently very real game Bleeding Edge is on there for free. I have nothing against the art or gameplay I’ve seen but I realized today that I wont download this game because of its name.

I can’t pinpoint why but Bleeding Edge as a name makes me want to fall asleep. What do you all think are the building blocks of a truly terrible video game title?

Too many words. Or just poorly chosen ones.

Peter Jackson’s King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie is obviously too long.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order should just be Star Wars: Fallen Order.

Bleeding Edge is just extremely generic. Like calling that one game Medal of Honor: Warfighter. I think “warfighter” is a real term, but (to steal a joke from John Davison), it sounds like you’re naming a game Medal of Honor: Gunshooter.

Titling something is like any kind of writing: get in, make your point, get out.

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Counter point to what some people are probably going to say:

If your game has an entire sentence as its title I’m adding five points to any review scores it might’ve gotten.

To answer the question though… single word games. Really? Y’all got access to infinite words and you called your game… like… Uncharted or something,


If your game is earnestly named like what generic violent game titles are in television, it’s a bad name.

If your game has an increasing large number of nonsensical words after the title to denote revision or sequel, it’s a good name.

To review:
-Killzone bad
-Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code good


I’m fine with a one word title, but it had better be a humdinger of a word.

Fartknuckle is probably not a good title.

Maleficarum is a good title.


Colons. Not like, actual colons no I mean this: : wait, this : just the one not two. Anyways if you have one of those in your title you screwed up

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I Get This Call Every Day was a complete sentence, and also a completely accurate description of the game itself.

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I’m not necessarily proud or the amount of Zero Punctuation I watched years ago, but I distinctly remember Yahtzee spending about two solid minutes ragging on Warfighter as a title because of the sheer redundancy or the work, and reading your comment made all that surge back. Cosign.

But also come on y’all. No matter how bad it gets, the worst title in all of gaming is and will always be PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and it’s not particularly close. It just makes no sense, has no clear meaning, says nothing about the game it supposedly labels, and the only question someone’s going to have when seeing it is “who the hell is playerunknown and why am i on his/her/their battlegrounds?”


If your title expects me to do math, you’ve probably gone wrong somewhere

(stares daggers at Kingdom Hearts)

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Can we talk about The Legend of Legacy? Because that otherwise unremarkable 3DS game still has my favorite bad title of all time. I almost bought it just so I could tell people the game I was playing was called The Legend of fucking Legacy.

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Total War: Warhammer still stands out. And they’re making three of them!

words I like to see less: Origin, Awakening, Redemption, Zero, Horizon, Dead

words I like to see more: Duel, Heart, Howling, Galaxy, Impact

edit: whos gonna make a game called Howling Heart? Go for it indie devs, I would play what sounds like a romantic werewolf beat’em up in these trying times


Are you a Fall Out Boy fan per chance?

When you can’t say it out loud properly.

Mars War Logs is questionable in text form but “Marswerlegs” is bad mouth feel.

If it has a colon in it, it’s a bad video game title.

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that’s the exact mouthfeel i’m looking for in a game title. chewy and challenging.

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To add on to this, if your title uses sequential numbers but they don’t seem to mean anything:

  • Bravely Default
  • Bravely Second
  • Bravely Default II

Hell, the original Bravely Default did some incredibly confusing stuff with its name as well. It was originally released in Japan as Bravely Default: Flying Fairy in 2012, then it was rereleased as Bravely Default: For the Sequel in 2013, then it came to the US in 2014 simply as Bravely Default.

I think Square Enix has a pretty unique, funny, flavorful way of naming games but every now and then they really complicate it for no clear reason.

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I’ve never disagreed with anything more in my life

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So I wanna dig into something different than what’s being discussed. Obviously, there are examples of names that clash or are inconvenient. The Outer World/Outer Wilds issue is a good example, or Praey for the Gods. Being confusing or unmemorable are downsides I think we can agree on. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I think there are aesthetic hangups that really do depend on the person. I love long and weird titles, titles that are sentences or fragments, but I know that drives others up the wall. (Personally, I think No Truce with the Furies is still a much better name than Disco Elysium.) Debating this can be kind of pointless, since it’s preference.

But what I find interesting is whether or not a title accurately represents the game you’re picking up. Having a good title can really reel an audience in. That’s why I think Disco Elysium isn’t a very good name: it’s corny, and makes the game sound so much flashier than it actually is. On the other end, there are titles that don’t give you any information about the game at all. Remnant: From The Ashes could be a game of any kind, and doesn’t do anything to intrigue me.

A truly great title can tell you just enough about the game that you want to investigate it. A bad one, on the other hand, can either tell you nothing or give you the wrong message. It inspires no excitement or interest.


As an aside, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is still a class title for a game and I won’t hear differently.