What Makes A Bad Game Title?

Bravely Default mostly suffers from a commitment to a pun, so it’s gonna take a bit of explaining.

In Bravely Default’s rerelease (the one that got localised) you get given an item called the Bravely Second which can stop time in battle (hah), and also let Squeenix sell you microtransactions (boo).

Direct sequel Bravely Second similarly has the Bravely Second return, making that pun pull double duty. And then the game references a Bravely Sword, which in Japanese kinda sounds like “Bravely Third” (they love their puns), although this absolutely doesn’t work in English and “Bravely Sword” sounds weird so they localised it as “Sword of the Brave”.
As such they couldn’t call another Bravely Default game that has a whole new cast and world Bravely Third as that’d imply it was a direct sequel to Second, which it isn’t.

They very much backed themselves into a corner with the naming and therefore had to do something else.

Still confusing though.