What Makes You Uncomfortable?

I’m able to withstand most things without getting upset, irritated, sad or angry but there are some things that just make me so uncomfortable.

There are a few things on the list, but the two things that make the most uncomfortable are 1. Confrontation about literally anything 2. When someone tells me something in public that they should have told me in private.

  1. Confrontation FOR SURE. I live with my fam right now because i’m a broke graduate and I REALLY need to get a gig and live alone so I don’t have to deal with this. I wear earbuds a lot now so I don’t hear fighting and I know it’s normal for some people but I just can’t deal.

  2. Anytime a character in a movie is in an embarrassing situation I will look away or leave the room I can’t handle experiencing second hand embarrassment even with a fictional person.

  3. Talking with someone who can’t tell when a conversation should have ended. I work in a museum with a lot of older volunteers right now and they’re great but they will literally talk to me for a half hour and I will stand there and listen because I don’t know how to end a conversation one sidedly.


Ah yes, and what makes me especially uncomfortable is when i watch a movie together with someone and the characters get… “intimate”. You just get in a situation where you try to say something to not make it uncomfortable, but you have no idea what to say. That’s why you should stay away from people as much as possible.

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Third on confrontation especially as a disabled undergrad student living at home with disabilities with immigrant parents. Sudden unexpected physical contact is a big one

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Direct eye contact, even with friends and family. :eyes::eyes::eyes:


i can do ya one better. direct eye contact during a public confrontation

Gonna get real here.

In many workplaces I’ve been I get thrown in to the (deservedly or not) socially progressive, aware or god forbid “woke” pool. Whatever, that’s fine I guess. It’s not the label I wanted, but it’s the label I earned, and I’m a little conflicted about it. But what really sucks about this is when fake progressive guys try to pass their particular bias by me as the one case that’s “okay” to feel, say or act a certain way.
When it’s really, really not.

Some examples behind the spoilers due to possible triggers.

“It’s okay to misgender a trans person if you’re talking about them in the past, right?”
“Microaggressions aren’t real are they?”
“Feminists should be nicer.”

There are more I’ve seen and heard that are worse. These are just specific lines from people who liked to act like they were on the frontline of progressive ideals and “wokeness” which is what really made things frustrating.
At my current workplace I’ve mostly kept my head down and just stuck to my work and stayed out of these discussions. I’m there to do a job, and I can’t spend half an hour or more trying to talk down a guy who just thinks we should “be able to discuss whether or not women are worse programmers than men” when we have a deadline.

It’s like playing whack-a-mole with bad ideas.


High-crotched pants.


yeah, being thrown in a pool and getting assigned a label is both annoying and really uncomfortable. when i casually just mentioned im bi on discord a friend irl saw it and started spreading it to friend, but he described me as being “gay” and the next day there were so many rumors about me being a stereotypical gay person that you see people make fun of daily. never really bothered to respond, because i hate awkward situations. it’s better to be “harassed” than making it awkward

#2 for sure is high on my list.

I also recently realized the reason I don’t like going out to the college town bars near me that my younger friends want to go to is because I don’t like being around a lot of people who are clearly not acting like they normally would. That and I just do not care for chaos one cannot account for or solve.

Then of course you got your run of the mill needle and small spaces phobia.

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When doctors are checking my eyes with that magnifying glass light and hover inches from my face breathing directly into my nose.

Really, any situation where I’m sitting in a chair with some sort of professional hovering around my head.

Any sort of attention from multiple people simultaneously. But I don’t mind singing/playing for a crowd? I don’t get it. It’s weird.


Any time someone is on a stage and pauses for applause that never comes, I die a little on the inside. Awkward comedy/stage show presentations in general are a thing I have a hard time dealing with. E3 always makes me slam the mute button so that I don’t get overwhelmed.


ah reminds me of the diablo mobile game

How long a list do you want?

  • People who say they fear climate change, then idolise new tech and eating absurd quantities of animal products.
  • Initiating physical contact outside a professional (nursing) context.
  • Bigots
  • Dense crowds
  • Holes
  • Jewellery
  • Middle-aged white men who insist on being the centre of conversation.
  • That mucus plug at the back of your throat once your cold has started to dry up.
  • Hierarchies
  • Being closeted-bi
  • All cringe humour

A curious aside; I used to be uncomfortable around police, but having met in a professional context with a few and making a friend who happens to be an officer, my mood has shifted to some extent. Here is a recent Police Scotland campaign: https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/09/25/scotland-homophobes-transphobes-billboard-campaign/

Overcrowded public transport, rush hours :neutral_face:

Traveling always stresses me out, especially if there’s any uncertainty around when I need to be somewhere or where I need to be in terms of seating/lodging. That’s why I usually try to be everywhere at least 20 minutes early.

As far as work goes, sometimes I’m the token gay on committees and occasionally I get asked questions about “diversity.” Neither would bother me, but I’ve learned that when I’m in positions like that people rarely want my actual opinion, they just want me to confirm whatever they’re already thinking.


people (especially children) playing with balloons (like, gripping/squeezing them?) makes me uncomfy because I hate balloons popping

Yep. I am the only person of color (but one of three gays) in my entire work establishment. It’s uncomfortable and incredibly annoying to have to still be the go-to for diversity questions and the general work of managing white people’s feelings.

Also cops. Always on alert if they’re around.


Is this one weird? If I watch a show and see someone in an embarrassing situation, sometimes I feel embarrassed like I was the one in that situation. I don’t really associate myself as an empathetic person, so it’s not like I feel bad for that person. I just don’t feel comfortable watching it happen.

Also dentists.