What Manga Are You Reading?

looked around a bit and didnt find a single thread on manga! so here it is! please feel free to share any manga you enjoy from any genre, be it an old classic or an ongoing series.

some of my all-time favourites are Dorohedoro and Hourou Musuko, but lately i can’t get enough of Dungeon Meshi (series about cuisine in a DnD-esque high fantasy world with unparalleled attention to detail and political intrigue) and Hakumei & Mikochi (slice-of-life about 9cm-tall people living among talking animals, also fantastic for its world-building and cuisine detail). both mangas combine a cast of instantly likeable characters with a re-imagining of conventional fantasy worlds and i can hardly wait for the next update.


Finished A Silent Voice recently and it was fantastic.

Now I only keep up with My Hero Academia and Welcome to the Ballroom, but I tend to wait a few months for an arc to finish so I can binge it all at once.

My favorite is Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun. I love the way it plays with a lot of romantic comedy tropes as well as they way it affectionately parodies a lot of shoujo manga tropes.

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koe no katachi is one of those works i hear sooo much about from both people who loved it and people who hated it. it’s on my list cause i have to see what it’s like for myself. that and Your Name are both really polarizing among my friend groups

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Currently rereading Uzumaki

Definitely holds up as some of the best graphic horror ever written imo

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Let me know what you think of it when you get around to it! I’ve voiced my thoughts on it before and really liked it overall, but I do know some people have qualms with it. Your Name is actually in my queue for today - I liked 5cm Per Second, it resonated with me at that point in my life, so we’ll see if YN can do the same thing.

I’m going through Gintama (again)

up next will be Akagi since the 20 year long mahjong match finally came to a close apparently

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Shimanami Tasogare is a great manga so far, it’s about a lounge where LGBT people in this town all hang out and can be themselves, while also helping rebuild and furnish old buildings. It’s nice.

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The one I most recently started is Bloom Into You. It certainly stands out compared to other yuri titles.
It’s a shame the third volume doesn’t come out in English until next month.

Golden Kamuy is among the best things I’ve ever read. It’s about the search for a hidden cache of gold in Hokkaido, stolen from the native Ainu people by someone who was arrested before he could use it. The map to the gold was tattooed on the skin of 24 prisoners, and now there’s several groups looking to find these prisoners and get the full map. The manga includes a lot of detail about Ainu culture, traditions and language, and the staff includes an actual Ainu linguist to help get it right. That’s on top of being a genuinely fantastic adventure/mystery story.

Also good: My Monster Secret. It’s about a guy who is incapable of lying finding out that the girl he likes is secretly a vampire, and deciding to help keep her secret. Technically a harem comedy series, but it’s light on the ‘harem’ aspects and very, very strong on the comedy. There was an anime but it was bad, read the manga instead.

I’ve been taking my sweet time with it but I’m a couple volumes into Fullmetal Alchemist and really like it!


like many people i’ve been reading BNHA. the current arc is pretty interesting

the only other manga i’m reading currently is owari no seraph, which is a post-apocalyptic vampire manga. it’s pretty goofy at times and it feels like it’s gone down in quality a bit in the recent arc but i love the main characters enough to read it every month. and sometimes you just gotta read something that isn’t a masterpiece, you know?

i should really go back to FMA, i watched both animes and started the manga but i never finished it. it’s easy enough to find at bookstores too so there’s no excuse

I don’t read enough actual books, or even comics, but recently I’ve started slowly making my way through Dragon Ball for the first time. I’m one of those folks that’s seen all (or most) of Dragon Ball Z and quite a bit of the original Dragon Ball in anime form, but enough of the original Dragon Ball is a mystery to me that it’s still proving fun. Plus, I haven’t seen the original Dragon Ball anime in like, 12 years, so it’s right on the edge of being so long that it’s kind of like seeing it again for the first time.

I’m also discovering that the manga does indeed differ from the show in some places.

I don’t like that Viz or whoever translated the manga kept all of the Japanese names, though. I’m definitely the type to crack “all according to keikaku” jokes and constantly having to read SON GOKU and KAME-SENNIN and GYU-MAO THE OX KING is driving me up a wall something fierce

I have just finished reading the full collection of Uzumaki by Jujin Ito. Had a blast with it, the first two thirds of it are all pretty self contained horror short stories that all take place in a town that is plagued by a spiral related curse. In the last third everything comes together in a pretty good single story arc.

What struck me most were the earlier, more episodic chapters. They are so tightly constructed, both in the story beats and in how each page is put together. I kind of want to take the time and sketch the page layouts and mark how and where the tension rises and falls.

I really dig on analyzing formal construction in comics, so I think I was sort of primed to like Uzumaki. To be honest I’m not as familiar with manga as I would like to be, can anyone else recommend other stuff with tight or otherwise innovative panel layouts?


I’m still reading Tokyo Ghoul:re and I honestly can’t recommend it to anyone with a straight face anymore. The first series was pretty good, but I’m pretty dissatisfied with the way the sequel series is going for a number of reasons, most of all the way that the mangaka treats his LGBTQ characters. If I were to recommend anything about it, it’s to read Tokyo Ghoul because the symbolism and use of literary comparison is actually pretty interesting, but then maybe watch and anime for a different take on the story.

I’m still reading One Piece, but I legitimately can’t recommend that to anyone. It’s not because of how up-down it is in terms of good and bad moments, but because it’s like getting close to 900 chapters and I can’t have that on my conscience. I can’t be responsible for someone else losing that much of their time on something.

Dorohedoro is wrapping up, and honestly? This is one I can recommend. Fairly short insofar as manga goes at 154 chapters. It’s got an interesting universe premise and the entire setting feels that kind of good filthy that you get from cyberpunk, but without the cyber of that genre. The characters are all memorable, but that might be because one of them has a lizard head and that’s kinda my shit. Also, most of the ladies can basically punch through brick, which is also fuckin’ sick.

I’m also reading Boku no Hero Academia, and honestly? Every scene where Mineta isn’t present is basically a gift.

In terms of finished product to read, I really like Yokohama Shopping Trip, which is a manga about the daily lives of cute robot girls in what’s essentially a mid-apocalypse Earth. The landscape art is beautifully done and every splash page is somehow uplifting to look at and almost kind of sad. It’s a slice-of-life, so the story kind of just meanders down a long, winding path, but it’s a really relaxing read when you’re feeling keyed-up and need something to wind down.


A friend recommended I get in to One Piece like five or six years ago and even then I felt that mountain was too tall to climb.


yeah like, One Piece is a work with so many strong points but just as many flaws. i still love it a lot even though i haven’t really been invested in it for 5 years. i think if Oda just drew women better even a little bit it’d still be a must-read for me, but as it is? it’s a challenge to tolerate his art enough to read the thing


if you’re into horror in general, i’d recommend checking out Shintaro Kago’s work as well. he loves to work with no dialogue and it gives his panels and rhythm a truly other-worldly feel

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@Blaze I read the entire thing up unto the then-stopping point about two years ago and I could have probably learned something way cooler during the time it took. If I’m not trying to keep up with it, I’m usually letting like three months of content build up and then reading it over dinner.

@jaguar Oda’s way of drawing women is literally just… why? Like, he’s drawn women outside of that staple body type that he goes for 90% of the time, but for some reason whenever he wants to show that a woman in his universe is considered attractive by mainstream media standards, he goes for a bust-waist-hip ratio that’s firmly in the uncanny valley. It’s the worst.

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OP is imo one of the most creative and fabulously energetic fictional worlds ever created. I love so much about the series. As time has gone on though the art…yeah. Try comparing Nami from the earlier portions of the manga to now and it’s just wild how bad Oda has gotten. A lot of his background, effect, and object art is still on point but his characters, especially female characters, have progressively gotten worse and worse.

Enies Lobby/Water 7 forever tho

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