What Manga Are You Reading?


I’m going to echo Dorohedoro hard. It’s got such a brilliant aesthetic and fun characters. Despite how oppressing the art and story seems, the characters and their quirks breathe fresh life into everything. If you ask me on every other day who my favorite character is, I’d have a different one almost every time.

I’m almost disappointed to reach the end, but also glad because then I get to read the whole thing in one go.


I’ve yet to read it, but have gotten a ton of recommendations for Oyotomegatari and mention it because I’ve seen a fair few FFXIV fans on the forums so far and figure it might go over well for anyone who enjoyed the Azim Steppes. (which is the best thing that game has ever done)


What, you don’t like the classic characters Evil Nami, Sky Nami, Fish Nami and Rabbit Nami? Or their amazing shared ability to have their boobs slowly get bigger over the course of every story arc?


omg YES!!! kaoru mori is the absolute BEST!!! anything by her is absolutely stunning and insightful and if you liked the Steppes then you’ll really enjoy oyotomegatari


yes yes yes yes yes yes. Oh my god yes. Kaoru Mori’s art is amazing. She takes so much time with it and there’s so much delicate detail work. It’s a beautiful series and absolutely read it.


One Punch Man. And I’m starting MHA.
Meandering my way through some more JJBA, too.

I want to keep up with One Piece, but that means either tolerating some obscenely awful translations and scans, or buying the series. Also, as other people have mentioned, Oda is somehow getting worse at drawing women. Which… I don’t understand how that’s possible? Like, Rebecca from the Dressrosa arc. Why, Oda.


I’d maybe not flash that pirate’s entitlement here, honestly. If you’re pirating someone’s hard work then prolly don’t openly complain about the quality of the bootleg translation while also mentioning actually buying the material in the same disdainful breath.


Finally got myself a copy of the first couple of volumes of Franken Fran. It combines humor and horror better than any book I’ve read. The art is gross and fantastic, each chapter is a stand alone story with its own twists and unique characters. It’s such a fun time


The New Gate
Golden Kamui
7 Deadly Sins
Shokugeki no Soma
Dr Stone
One Piece
Tsuyokute New Saga
Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari


Re-reading Flowers of Evil, reading Happiness. Re-Reading Pun Pun.


I’m on the 2nd english volume (compiled 3rd+4th japanese volumes) of Oyasumi Punpun and really enjoying it so far. Musings on life and coping with sad and shitty things but with a really great sense of humour.


working through Kimi ni Todoke and folks: shoujo romance is good as hell


Anxiously awaiting the final volume of Goodnight Punpun and what will surely be an emotionally devastating finale. I am also reading (as in buying the new volumes as soon as they are available) Gundam Thunderbolt, Blame!, and Blade of the Immortal now that Dark Horse is publishing those omnibuses. I also just started Dorohedoro but think I may wait until I can somehow buy those volumes in bulk before going further.


i’m reading helck but you should be reading dungeon meshi (delicious in dungeon)


What I own
Claymore - Warrior ladies with monster powers fighting monster while a shadow government
Assassination classroom - Kids trying to kill their teacher who is a fast moving blob
Berserk - Hardcore dark fantasy.
Mysterious girlfriend x - A bizarre romance.


General question for everyone: how do you read/consume your manga? Traditionally, I have been a fan of buying physical copies of all my (comic)books but, as one newer to manga, I am starting to realize that I simply may not have the physical space to house a physical collection of multiple +20 volume series. Additionally, the price per volume can be a little daunting and I spend about as much time scouring eBay and Alibris for deals as I do reading on new series to check out.

Does everyone generally buy what they read (digitally or physically)? Is there a good renting/lending service that I should be aware of? I mean, I have gone to my local library to see what may be available to me but they really only cover the most popular of popular series.


everyone talking about punpun reminded me i haven’t caught up in asano’s latest (Dead Dead Demons Dededededestruction) in ages so i guess i’m just gonna be marathoning that today



seriously the nausicaa manga is one of the greatest comics of all time & everyone should read it


I have those big ass hardcovers but haven’t dug into them yet…


i love owning hardcovers of certain works. like the hourou musuko hardcovers are beautiful