What Manga Are You Reading?


Yeah I have the first Gundam: The ORIGIN hardcover and it’s super nice. Mad expensive but depending on the work totally worth it.


You can find remainder copies on half.com and Alibris for approximately half the cover price if not more :wink:


it took me a good few years to get all 12 of them, but it was worth it, it’s absolutely the best version of that story. I was kind of sad when I had no more to look forward to reading tbh…


I should clarify. Buying the series means tolerating awful translations. Which is why I’m not reading it at all. Like, dude, I don’t pirate shit. Which is kind of funny to be bringing up in reference to One Piece, but w/e.

I’d love to drop $500-$600 + postage and handling on the official stuff, but Viz still translates ‘Zoro’ as ‘Zolo’ and it makes me want to cry. Plus plenty of other stuff that just flat-out bothers me.

The only good translations are the official weekly shonen jump ones, but their backlog only goes back 11 issues. And I’m two years or so behind.

I could try and get hold of every relevant issue of Jump, issue by issue, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to do that, since the weekly official translations are way better than the volumes, backlog thing (probably 'cuz they want to push volume/omnibus sales). Turns out, there’s no way to do that.


I’m going to be reading Ghost in the Shell 2 starting tomorrow if my Amazon order comes through. I’m really excited. I’ve read the first multiple times and the anime is one of my absolute favorite things PERIOD. Hoping the second book is as good. :slight_smile:


I finally unpacked the bin of manga that had been sitting in the bedroom of my new apartment. Some of my favorite series are now displayed on these sweet shelves at the threshold between the living room and bed room. I’ve found myself picking through random issues of Death Note and getting floored by the nostalgia. That series remains undefeated, and I’d love to sit down and re-read it fully for the first time in years.


I can deal with Zolo but “Merry-Go” fucking destroys me


On top of Zolo and Merry-go, doesn’t the manga also call it “belly” (instead of berry)? Besides the length, that’s another thing that scared me away from One Piece. A friend and I used to go round and around arguing about whether it’s “Alabaster” or “Arabasta” (Oda apparently prefers the latter, but it still makes me crazy)


Manga’s expensive so I don’t have much, but I buy A Certain Scientific Accelerator when I can since it’s in its infancy and pretty great, barring some confusing action scenes. It’s all my favourite parts of the A Certain Series, which I’m a huge fan of despite it’s flaws. Academy City is absolutely my favourite fictional location of all time so I’ll read anything set in it. And Accelerator is a standout character in a series FULL of greats.

I’ve also got about 5 issues or Biomega, but I’m a sort of convinced it’s actually some sort of SCP. I always end up at some point realising that I lost track of what was actually going on ages ago and stopping, every time. Which isn’t to say it’s bad, no, it’s ace. Gorgeous art, fascinating story hooks and sentient bears, but I always end up losing the plot without realising it. It’s very strange.


Thanks for clarifying, the sentence I quoted didn’t really read like this was what you were saying.

I definitely do agree that the collected English volumes make some really weird translation choices.


Akira & 20th Century Boys!


Been meaning to talk about this, Sega of Tanya the evil is a interesting read after watching the Anime since the Novel switches perspective from Tanya to the people she’s fighting, to her higher ups looking at her actions.


Just picked up Imperfect Girl since I try to follow everything Nisioisin does in english. Really looking forward to the next Land of the Lustrous even though the anime spoiled me on what it’ll be; otherwise just waiting on next volumes of Ancient Magus’ Bride and others


Lately I’ve been collecting physicals of:

  • Girls’ Last Tour, an extremely sad but also extremely happy story about two girls traveling during the apocalypse.

  • Goodnight Punpun. I’ve read this all before but the art is way too good to not have high-quality physicals of, so I’ll be ordering one of each volume once a month.

  • Delicious in Dungeon, a very cute manga about a group of adventurers that make meals of their enemies. It’s very D&D x Anime, and I hope it gets an animated series soon. Marcille is a treasure.

  • Golden Kamui. Shit is good


I was lucky enough to recieve that 35th Anniversary collection of Akira over the holidays so i’ve been re-reading that.

Ive also been slowly working through Girls Last Tour, which I really love, and After Hours, which is just okay I think.


Still Tokyo Ghoul:re, surprisingly. Soon it will be over and, having seen the series to it’s completion, I will be fucking free.

Also, still One Piece.

I’m really behind on Haikyuu, but I’ll probably spend a weekend catching up one of these days. Just… not the week of a new patch in FFXIV. Same case for My Hero Academia. Dorohedoro, I’ve caught up with, and I’m gonna be sad when it’s over, but it’s also got a high re-readability because idkwtf is going on half the time. I also just got done reading A Kiss and a White Lily for My Dearest Girl and that was just seeing nice fluff I definitely needed.

I’m considering looking at another title, like Delicious in Dungeon or something, but idk?

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I’m subscribed to the digital Weekly Shonen Jump and it’s WELL worth the money even if I dont like every book in there. I keep up with One Piece, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, Dr. Stone, The Promised Neverland, and the past 2 weeks have had new series they’re testing out called Bozebeats a modern action/fantasy about monks fighting/exorcising demons WITH GUNS, and Act-Age about an amateur actress who is trying to make her big break. Both are good and I’m sad at least one of them will probably get dropped. :\


I’m honestly super surprised nobody mentioned Beastars since its rapidly becoming a top 10 of mine. Its a weird intrigue and coming of age story set in a dark and heavy noir Zootopia-like universe. Its great and absolutely buckwild at moments.


I started reading Goodnight Punpun about a year ago and read about 4 of the rereleased volumes in a weekend in a fugue state until I caught up with everything they’d put out but didn’t keep up with them. All the volumes are out now so I finally finished it over the weekend and it kind of destroyed me for about a day afterwards. So, naturally, I started over again and it’s incredible how that work hangs together. It’s devastating and wonderful.


incredibly fitting that my last post in this thread was about catching up on Dead Dead Demon’s Dededededestruction because the last thing i’ve read recently was… just re-reading that!