What Manga Are You Reading?


I’m happy to be finally getting physicals with a really good translation. The art is amazing and I’d love to see an anime of it someday.


I recently watched The Flowers of Evil (Aku no Hana) and, while I know the rotoscoping is divisive (to say the least), and also that show was a huge commercial failure, I think the directorial and visual style that show used would be perfect for the hyper reality of Goodnight Punpun.


I finished AKIRA. Definitely felt like a more cohesive, complete vision of what the movie turned out to be. Haven’t caught the flick in years but I remember having some trouble grasping some concepts. Maybe that age, or maybe that’s because it is like 2,000 pages.

Anyway, I loved it. I’ve never actually written anything besides music, but lately I’ve been crafting stories in my head and AKIRA made me feel extra inspired.


I just completed 20th Century Boys! One of my favorite series I’ve ever read. Urasawa has so much personality in his art. Not only are characters incredibly expressive, they also look like their nationality, which is kind of refreshing. Japanese characters look distinctly Japanese. You know characters who are children and see them grow up in a way that feels affecting. I KNOW these characters, and I love them.

It is a sprawling layered spiderweb of twists and reveals spanning almost 40 years. Every new mystery introduced tantalizes you into reading the next chapter, and the next chapter, and the next chapter.

Admittedly, the ending feels a little slapdash, but it’s a perfectly solid conclusion. But the first half of this series might be my favorite ever.

Edit: Holy hell, I just looked up Urasawa’s new series and there is a billionaire woman who is running for President of the United States who slaps her name on all of her cruise liners. This dude has her mask on:


I’ve been keeping up with Attack on Titan for the last half year or so. I found the first season of the anime pretty middling, but I was really taken with the second season, so I ended up catching up on the manga. Wow does that series go in some directions I was not expecting.

On a very different note, I’ve recently gotten back into Taiyō Matsumoto’s Sunny. I’ve been a big fan of his work for a number of years and Sunny certainly hasn’t changed that. I just recently finished volume 4 and I’m looking to pick up the last two pretty soon. It’s very poignant and easy to slip into, it’s been nice just reading a chapter or two before bed every night.


I’ve been keeping up to date with Golden Kamuy, Boku no Green Naruto and The Promised Neverland since they started, and I just recently smashed out Homunculus, Inu Yashiki and Parasyte.

I’m also reading Dungeon Meshi, but I haven’t seen anything beyond what I read up to last year so iunno whats happening.


Sorry for reviving a kind of dormant thread. (But also not sorry because I got a question.)

So I have been getting progressively more and more into manga this past year and it rules. However, I feel like I have no consistent approach or way of finding new series; I follow some publishers on Twitter and a few Twitter accounts but have been having the hardest time finding websites/reviewers that I am in to. Do folks have any reviewers or publications they recommend? Is there like a “Waypoint level of discourse” (you probably know what I mean I mean we are all on this forum) around manga that is worth checking out?

edit: Oh I am currently reading Dungeon Meshi (it is so charming and I am way more in to it then I would have thought), Blade of the Immortal, and Gundam Thunderbolt. I think those are the three series that I am most actively following.


I started reading a manga for the first time today!
Ouran High Host Club. It is pretty good so far. The pacing is absurdly fast, but that’s kinda what I was looking for. I’m trying to find out how quickly fictional characters can have romances that I can invest in. This book has made me laugh a few times and I just started episode 3.


Currently on Land Of The Lustrous Volume 5, getting to the arc after where the anime end.

Omg phos!, they ripped you apart!


There are few websites I found useful for reviews of upcoming/ongoing series.


A few podcasts
Manga In Your Ear - each episodes looks at one ongoing and one completed manga series

Shojo and Tell - focuses on Shojo and Jousei manga. Each episode is a particular series

Comics alternative podcast have a monthly manga episode where they look at two works - cover pretty broad range with the a fair amount of alt/experimental manga.

This twitter account/youtube podcast
Those two would be closed to “Waypoint level of discouse”

I am on a podcast called Manga machinations - we emulate the old 1up FM show - what you been reading, bit of news and then a section on a manga we read for that episode - can be one or multiple episodes depending on what we are reading.


Shojo and Tell is a such a good name I am compelled to give it a try.


Wow, thank you for all of this! Looking forward to going through everything this weekend.


Hi sorry, one other question for the group: anyone got any good recommendations, old or new, if I am looking for something to scratch a mech itch? Have read all of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin, Evangelion, Knights of Sidonia and currently reading Gundam Thunderbolt. I am a fan of mechs but also series that try and hew closely to the “realities” of war; e.g. Amuro’s PTSD/growing horror at being a pilot and killer, the general ugliness of corporations and militarism for the purposes of population control in both Gundam series and Sidonia, the fact that characters don’t have “plot armor,” etc. In contrast, I love Eva but, with time, am less interested in teenagers with robots as a story.


I think Patlabor might be for you.


It’s teenagers with a robot but Bokurano Ours is the first thing that came to mind.


Thanks. I have been recommended this series by a few folks in general so I may check it out. Biggest problem for me is one of the volumes appears to be OOP and folks online are charging a ransom for it.


A word of warning about Bakurano though, only read it if you have a very high tolerance for gratuitous misery and suffering being inflicted on children. It has a sort of an interesting premise but it’s full of a very sadistic brand of Manga Nihilism that I personally disliked a lot.


I finally finished up JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Part 7: Steel Ball Run yesterday. While it’s definitely up there with my favorite arcs in the series, I can’t help but feel it still suffered a bit from the few grievances I have with Araki’s writing (namely how the conclusions seldom feel as “satisfying” as they could – I think Part 4 was the only one to really nail its ending both narratively and thematically). With that aside though, it’s just such a great reimagining of the JoJo’s universe. Especially with how understated the role of stands is here took a lot of getting used to on my part, but once I realized the intent behind it (around halfway through the arc’s run) I was very much into what Araki ended up doing.

I’m probably going to go right into JoJolion sometime soon. I pretty much burned my way through the manga once I finished watching Diamond is Unbreakable, but now that I’m actually close to catching up with the current run I’ll probably slow down and check out some other series I’ve been meaning to read (proooooobably HxH).


I started reading Naruto. I can’t really pinpoint what made me want to read it after going my whole life not really being at all interested in the series but it just felt like something I wanted to get into now.

Overall I like it so far, I just got through Tsunade’s intro arc. It’s very formulaic but one thing I think this series does really well is how it weaves different story threads together into something bigger than what it began at. Like the tournament arc is a staple of the genre but it’s not just a straight tournament, multiple plots are at play, with more wrinkles being added consistently. It keeps everything a bit more entertaining than just playing everything completely straight.

I like the dread and sadness that permeates pretty much every character’s existence. The world is very bright and energetic but the characters themselves are all carrying a lot of pain in themselves. It gets pretty heavy handed sometimes because you can see from a mile away when it’s time to have a Very Sad Backstory chapter but I mostly feel like those are used well to give important context to any given character’s actions. My favorite thing about the characters is just how they all play off of each other. Almost everyone has good chemistry and I just like reading and laughing along with their interactions. Naurto is a good lead as far as Children Of Destiny type characters go. Sasuke is totally fine as the Gifted, Hot, Bad Boy but has been played so boringly straight so far. It usually takes a lot for characters of his archetype to impress me and he’s kinda teetering on the wrong side of that right now. And last we have my one real major gripe with the main cast…

Sakura. A character introduced to us with the one defining character trait of “has a crush on Sasuke.” Kisimoto does absolutely nothing with her. Her entire existence is to have scenes doting on Sasuke, getting jealous over Sasuke, and getting beat up for Sasuke. Eventually we get slightly more from her. We learn that her control over chakra is the best of the trio. We also learn that uh…she…uh…has a crush on Sasuke? Her whole arc during the tournament is to have a fight against a former friend who…also…has a crush on Sasuke. They’re fighting to see who is more deserving of his attention. While Naruto goes off with Jiraiya in search of Tsunade, Sakura just sits by Sasuke’s bedside while he’s injured. Sasuke gets secret training from Kakashi while Sakura just does nothing but think about him. Kishimoto, give her something to do. Give her some training. Give her ANY fucking purpose in this story outside of constantly thinking about Sasuke. She is being kept in this idiotic, sexist, stereotypical box by the author. My biggest hope for this series going forward is that she gets to be more of her own character with motivations that aren’t tied to the men around her.

ANYWAY, my favs so far are: Lee, Guy, Naruto, Tsunade, Kakashi, all the summon frogs, Kabuto, and Anko.


I do not know how best to put this: what is it like reading through such a massive series?! I think part of the reason I have never read/watched/engaged with Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z–major series that seem to transcend the medium–is that it seems like there is simply way too much material to get through. Is it daunting? How do you manage and what is your approach?