What mobile games are you playing?


Hey! I’m curious what mobile games you’re into at the minute? I’ve burnt out on Solitarica and have been sucked into checking Dynasty Warriors Unleashed every day. It’s evil. It isn’t a good game, but it’s all the bits of Dynasty Warriors and those types of games (grind characters to feed them to pay money to upgrade them sorta deal) meshed into just about everything you do in the game. I just really like hitting lots of dudes.

So tell me, what are you playing?


I have been diving deep back into Threes, which is just a wonderful little way to distract myself on the subway.


I’m always playing a game of Sage Solitare and Triple Town to pass time, but otherwise I’m trying to still do FE: Heroes regularly and still finding little dudes in Hidden Folks


I’m so terrible at it, but standing on the metro is exactly when I use that app most.


Still playing Fire Emblem Heroes. It’s amazing how much more enjoyable Fire Emblem is when you remove basically everything the series is basically known for.


One day I’ll finish Steins:Gate T.T


I think that’s why I like this Dynasty Warriors game so much.


After a year away from it I caved in and got back into Kingdom Hearts Unchained X( Now known as Kingdom Hearts Union Cross) It’s actually a quality mobile title now!


I’m playing Typeshift and Solitairica. They are good short experiences for a work break.


Is that a good version of the game to get into?


Yeah I don’t have the patience for constant permadeath resets these days. The smaller scale of it all more than does it for me tbh.

Otherwise I’ve been trying to keep up with FFRK but lately every other update wouldn’t work on my phone. And Logicalcell for a puzzle game


It’s good so far! I haven’t played the PC version so I’m not quite sure about the differences.


i’m… still playing lovelive. im so sorry


I’ll have to see if Typeshift can fill the void that Solitairica left.


I like puzzle games that aren’t too involved, and as a result 90% of what I’ve played on mobile for the past year has been Hungry Cat Picross


I honestly wish I had the attention span to play some mobile games. The Dragon Ball game looks great, but I just can’t be bothered to grind, and doubly not bothered to buy in-app items.


Vignettes on iOS! Super fun and chill.


I’ve been waaaaaayy into Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links for months now.

I almost never play mobile games (or card games for that matter) and I had no idea I needed this in my life, but I play all the time and my inner 12-year-old is delighted at the idea of playing Yu-Gi-Oh against other people on demand.

I tried FE Heroes for a bit, but it really just made me want to play a full Fire Emblem game.


Puzzle & Dragons FOR LIFE. I love this game so much. Been playing like 2 years ago. I love the amount of characters and evolutions and the like, massive quantities of content, and how much stuff is added. GungHo has special events so much more often than other gacha games, and they give out a lot of the currency and are generally really generous. If you swore it off a few years ago, there’s been a lot of quality of life improvements like expanded box space and quests that give you stuff and things like best friend gifts that help you get started.


Permanently on my phone: Granblue Fantasy and Super Sentai Legend Wars.
i juggle a bunch of others, right now it’s school idol festival and fire emblem heroes.