What Mouse do you Use and Why?

Hi Waypointilists,

I’ve delved into the dark world that is looking at mice for PC gaming, and am kinda intimidated. I’ve slowly realized that everyone out there has their own preferences for what they use to do their clicking and was curious what you all use.

If anyone has any recommendations for me as well that’d be super dope. I’ve already tried the Logitech G403 and the Logitech G Pro to no avail. They just make my hand cramp up weirdly :confused:


I don’t do a lot of twitch type gaming on my PC, but I am a huge fan of this type of trackball: https://www.logitech.com/en-ca/product/wireless-trackball-m570?crid=7

I only wish they made the wired version anymore (they do have a wired model, but it’s the ambidextrous layout which I disike; all the ones I have are wired…haven’t replaced one in a while). I’m just not a fan of having to replace batteries.

edit: should add, the pros of a trackball are never having to move your hand/wrist, basically. It takes some getting used to, but I don’t think you lose much that matters in terms of accuracy for most tasks, and can be a godsend if you have repetitive stress issues.

I like my DeathAdder well enough. I was using a SteelSeries Ikari before this, but it kinda started to fall apart really quickly? Maybe I just got a bad one, I dunno. I like/d both of them because their wheels aren’t gigantic, which I feel like is a problem with a lot of mice… mouses… whatever, these days.

The best mouse I ever owned was a Logitech MX510, but at some point Logitech started putting giant wheels in their mice… mouses.

Some gaming mice are designed with a particular grip style in mind as well, so, might be worth looking into what you prefer there for more comfort.

I’m using a generic wired 6 button mouse that is the house brand at The Source sells. I was just desperate for anything at the time. My Microsoft 3000 was getting old. The scroll wheel would sometimes scroll in the opposite direction (which is very bad when you’re playing Mercy or Torb and need to switch weapons). It was doing that for a while and then it started double clicking when I was single clicking. It was just ruining rounds left and right.

When I was at the store to buy a replacement I impulse bought a PS4 and haven’t really done much PC gaming since, so I’m not sure how I’ll like it, but it seems fine for now. Maybe a little light and a little bit of a cheap feel, but at least it works.

Pretty similar to your Logitech g403, I have a Steelseries Rival 300, quite a good mouse in my opinion, fits alright in the hand, nicely accessible buttons and whatnot, just an all around standard mouse.
With my drawing wrist I should probably look for one what fits more neatly, but this one has worked for many games and hours of work.
Never been much for fancy mice and all those “gaming” mice just look hideous.

I came in to a lot of money in 2012 so I used that as an opportunity to replace all my aging PC peripherals at the time with new, decent stuff

I picked up a Logitech G400 wired optical mouse which was an incredibly good mouse for the price (I think I paid $25). So good, in fact, that Logitech jacked the price up and now they sell for $60-$80 depending on when and where you look.

Basically, it just feels really nice. I’m not a fan of the extra buttons on the side (I hit them by accident a lot) but it’s got decent DPI settings and whenever I have to use lower DPI mice, I can definitely feel the difference in smoothness. I’m not sure how it would feel different from a G403, but there’s gotta be a reason the G400 is still (a little) more expensive, right?

Since my G400 is coming up on starting its sixth year of service, I have been doing more maintenance to the device in an effort to extend its longevity. Earlier this year the scroll wheel had stopped working, so following a Youtube tutorial I carefully opened the mouse and gave it a rigorous cleaning – I discovered that the scroll wheel mechanism is incredibly simple and designed not to wear out. The real problem is that 5 years of lint and crud had worked its way in to the device and was blocking the scroll sensor. It was really nasty, and by the end of the cleaning process, I had dug out a marble-sized ball of fuzz that had accrued in the corners of the device.

On the plus side, the mouse now works like new.

I’m very happy w my G402. The 403 looked too small for my hands but the 402 was jus right

I am using a wireless usb mouse the brand is called Silvertec.

Before I played a lot of shooters or multiplayer games I just used a little travel mouse, but for the past three or so years I’ve been using a Razer Abyssus (which was Razer’s most basic mouse back when I got it). And I like it a lot—enough that I don’t plan on replacing it until it falls apart, which is hopefully quite a ways away.

I’m more comfortable with the claw/fingertip grip (probably from the years with that tiny travel mouse) and the Abyssus is a good size/design for that (it’s bigger than the G403 I think, but it’s still a relatively small, high-edged mouse). Other than that it’s your basic three-button mouse—just with polling rate (number of updates from mouse to computer per second) and DPI sliders on the bottom. Occasionally I wish I had another couple of buttons to map stuff to (and depending on the types of games you play that might be more or less important to you), but I think it’s a pretty good introductory gaming mouse, especially if you’ve never used one before.

As a sidenote, if you don’t already have one and are planning on getting a gaming mouse, make sure you have a mousepad too. I use a SteelSeries QcK—it’s inexpensive and pretty great—but honestly the difference between mousepads is much smaller than the difference between mousepad and no mousepad. Pretty much any mousepad will do.

I’ve been making use of the same few HP mice that my dad got in bulk from the internet since I was in high school. It’s nothing fancy but there’s a good weight to it and the buttons are separate from the body of the mouse which for some reason is important to me. Maybe it’s just the familiarity of it but I like it a lot

Curious to know, anyone here tried using a bluetooth mouse and keyboard combo? What model and brand do you have?

SteelSeries Sensei

Reasons why I like it:

  • Wired

  • Nylon cord

  • Only 2 extra buttons on each side. Right side is for mute and deafen. Left for forward/backwards on web browser.

  • Has a matte feel to it

  • It never looks dirty, I’ve had some mice where because of the color and material you could just see all the grime on it if you didn’t clean it every month :nauseated_face:

  • Looks kind of basic other then the glowing logo

Before that I used to only buy Logitec but I had two of their mice break within a year of purchase.

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I use the same Logitech G9x I bought in 2012. It’s hard to find new and used ones are not cheap. (When I bought mine, it was $55 including the discount. These days, it’s rare to find such a low price.) But it fits my hand well. Better than any other mouse I’ve owned, in fact. The MX 518 was good, and similar to the G400 mentioned earlier, but the G9x has had a longer lifespan with minimal maintenance.

Just the standard Razer Deathaddle. It’s definitely the most comfortable mouse I’ve ever used.

I thought about getting one of those MMO mice, but then I noticed a lot of customer reviews for those said they break a lot more.

Logitech G700. Wireless, but pretty good as wired too. Never looks dirty (similar finish as on @Wazanator’s mouse, I think). Additional features and buttons that I barely use, but that nice to have when you need them. Also, you don’t need to run some software for them to work, mouse remembers everything like an elephant. G700 + G13 are very good combo for MMOs.

But what I would like to recommend to look into, is a vertical mouse:

With mouse like that, your wrist is not flat at a table, but at an angle, in a more natural position. They pretty simple, no bells and whistles (easily solvable), and relatively cheap (especially if you OK with noname ones from China – less than 10 bucks with delivery). Not for everyone, sure, but may help if regular mice are uncomfortable for you.

I use a Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard/mouse combo at work. It seems to be relatively easy on my wrists, and I particularly like the shape and heft of the mouse. I haven’t really tested the performance, but they seem to work well enough for the usual desktop business. My only real complaints are that the mouse’s scroll wheel isn’t modal (I have a Logitech mouse at home, with the little button that makes the scroll wheel spin freely), and that the keyboard switches are fairly standard mushy dome switches.

I’ve used a vertical mouse before and I’m not sure it’s for everyone? Like, my problem with it was that with a normal mouse, the force of a click is done against the support of the table. You are clicking down; the table resists upward at you. But with the vertical mouse, I had to provide the resistance (with, like, my thumb?), because the direction of the click is horizontal(ish); the table can’t provide support against it. If that makes any sense. So my attempt to go ~ergonomic~ with a vertical mouse was a flop, personally.

Not sure if you saw this but Logitech just launched a new trackball mouse that has a rechargeable battery that’s supposed to last 4 months on a single charge.

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You right, you supposed to kinda squeeze it between fingers and a thumb for clicks. As I said, not for everyone.

oh rad! I’m gonna need me one of them. thanks for pointing it out!