What Mouse do you Use and Why?


Beautiful… How much for the set?


I really like vertical mice and wish they made one that was specced for gaming


I do agree with your M_o that is why I’m asking how much it cost.


Both me and my partner have been cursed with using Razer Nagas since their inception back in 2012-ish.
Now it is true they do break, and usually a month or two after the warranty expires,
it’s kinda like a Razer Naga subscription really… ugh.

But yes never having to touch the keyboard beyond WASD, Q E and SPACE feels really good
and the Naga software is super easy to setup and use. Also using the extra 12 buttons for applications
like Photoshop, Blender and Zbrush really makes things easier for some.

My partner also has super tiny hands so they can’t reach many keyboard buttons comfortably
which is why we got into MMO mice in the first place.

My 3rd Naga Epic is dying, the right mouse-button is being weird and middle-click is random,
so I’m thinking about trying out Corsair’s Scimitar MMO mouse but I’m fairly sure
I’ll end up with yet another Naga. By comparison, my partner is on their 4th Naga Epic
which is why it’s not something we can ever recommend 100%.


At home, I have my computer hooked up to my TV and use a Logitech K400 from the couch. If I need to do something with a real mouse, I have some Razer [scary sounding snake name] I got on Woot back in 2009.

Pro-Tip: If you are using a K400 (and I highly recommend it), you can turn off the obnoxious (IMO) “tap trackpad to left click” by holding the Function (FN) key and hitting the left* mouse button.

*the left click button underneath the trackpad on the right side, not the mouse button on the upper left corner of the keyboard


What was that Unicorn some of your text were blurred.


I’ve got a Steel Series Rival 100 and a Logitech G600.

The G600 is a pretty comfortable mouse, though it is a bit big. It has a shitton of buttons and I honestly wouldn’t recommend it if you’re not playing an MMO. It’s a cheaper alternative to Razer mice though. At least, it was when I got it on sale. The only issue I’ve had with it is that it’s pretty big, so I end up moving my hand around a bit, but it’s honestly a pretty solid mouse aside from that.

The Rival 100 is, iirc, one of the cheapest mice Steel Series sells. While I haven’t had good luck with their more affordable headsets, the mouse has lasted me about 4-ish years. It’s a pretty cozy one, and I like the feel of the extra buttons on the side. I mostly use it for single player games, or things like Heroes of the Storm or Overwatch, since I use the thumb buttons for some abilities and the mouse click in for things like Ultimates/Heroic Abilities.


I’ve got two that I use.

Razer Imperator:

  • comfortable
  • just enough buttons
  • I’ve probably worn it out

Logitech M510

  • Perfect laptop/couch PC companion
  • Similar layout to the Imperator
  • not as sensitive as the Imperator


Hi friends!

Just an Update. I ended up buying a G-Pro, G403, and a Razer Abyssus. I tried all of them until the return period was up and settled on the G403. It was a shape that took a little while to get used to, but I learned that I prefer using slightly bigger mice with a super high sensitivity, rather than a small mouse with high sensitivity. The latter seems to be more popular with FPS players. I learned that I use a fingertip grip style, resting my wrist on the table. This didn’t work well at all for the G-Pro or the Abyssus.

TO ANYONE LOOKING FOR A MOUSE: I think the best way to go about it is to just go to a Best Buy and try out a bunch of different style. Buy 2-3 that might work and return the one’s you don’t settle on. I ended up obsessing over mice for 3 months and it’s not worth it imo.


I use the Corsair Scimitar bc its highly customizable, well built, good price and very good looking. Also its very easy to use. I highly recommend it.


The mouse I’m using is the Razer Abyssus V2.The price is $38.98 at amazon.com.
I would really recommend this mouse, it’s really light and easy to click fast with. (I get around 11-13 cps)


My favorite mouse is the Razer Hex V2. The Deathadder felt nice, but made my hand cramp up relatively quick.


i have wireless logitech mouse


I don’t even know. I just bought the biggest mouse I could find in the city for my gigantic hands.


I use this thing. Its a cheap Razer Naga knockoff that is actually really awesome. I don’t see any reason to pay the extra $50 for a Naga this has all the features it does and a little more with added weights as well.

Also its great if you have big ol hands like I do.


I’ve tried several different kinds of gaming mice and all that fancy shit but this Logitech is the only mouse I find comfortable.