What Movie or Game Just Makes You Feel GOOD?


'Atomic Blonde' is maybe the most exhilarating, stylish movie of 2017.

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My go to feel good comfort movie is Ong Bak, there is, in my mind, something so immensely satisfying in how that movie came together and I still cannot help grinning at some of the fight sequences. Fire Emblem Awakening or Fates probably fills the role of a feel good game. I have only beaten the various versions of Fates once (let’s be real, the story is insanely not good) but I find starting a Fire Emblem game to be so immensely satisfying and comforting.


‘ocean’s eleven’, forever. the aesthetic, the dialogue, the characters, the plot—all of it. ‘bourne identity’, too. as for games, probably twilight princess?


My feel-good game for the reasons the article mentions is probably Dark Souls (surprise! This is becoming a theme for my posts…) or Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Nailing the execution on those games and tapping into my latent muscle memory/brain chemistry about how they work will never fail to bring a smile to my face and make me feel competent.


Playing “We love Katamari makes” me so happy it almost makes me cry.

That game is fucking magical.


Even though it’s been a while since I last played it, Burnout Paradise is just so. fucking. good. I’m not great at racing games, but Burnout makes me feel like a badass as I’m drifting effortlessly around a bend at 120 mph. Such a shame the series has pretty much died off at this point, but that kind of makes Paradise even more of a comfort-food game. It’s firmly stuck in a specific time and place for me now, and I always cherish that.


I really unironically like the film adaptation of Johnny Mnemonic. It’s got some real highs and lows and it’s just fun to watch.

Most recent game that’s been my go to comfort game has been Breath of the Wild.


My go-to-happy-time movie is Talladega Nights. I actually hated the movie while I was watching it - but in the end I found Ricky’s redemptive arc very endearing. The director’s commentary is also incredibly silly and fun.

When I need a game to make me feel good, nothing beats Mario. Just … moving … in a Mario game is enough to make me smile.

Actually, that reminds me. During one of the most stressful times in my life (new child + work full time + grad school full time + internship) I had just finished a massive project at like, 3AM. I knew I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep so I fired up the Wii for some NSMB.

I plopped down on the floor, legs crossed and just felt the stress fade away. It was two of the happiest hours of that period of my life and I slept like a stone when I finally went to to bed.


I think Ghostbusters: The Video Game from 2009 is that kind of video game for me just because bustin’ makes me feel good.

But seriously, there is something about Faerie Solitaire that makes me feel relaxed. i only play it when i’m depressed and it really helps. Not every solitaire can make you feel good (sound design and game feel is very important for those kinds of games) and Faerie Solitaire is a good one.


Demon’s souls/ Dark souls - For encouraging me to think about my battles
Persona 3,4,5 - To remind me how friendship can remain strong
Hyper light drifter - The flow of battle
The last guardian - Petting Cat puppy bird!
Battlegrounds - Hanging out with my bro.


There are a lot of movies & games I enjoy, but my favorite of them all is Bound. I love that movie - not only does she get away with the money, but the girl too!!!


man, I’ve been thinking about digging out Burnout Paradise again.

Aladdin for the Super Nintendo (come at me Aladdin Genesis fans) is a great platformer, the mobility just FEELs good. and what’s more it’s relatively easy. At this point I can beat it in an hour or two so whenever the Super Nintendo gets pulled out at some point it is pretty much a tradition that at some point I cruise through Aladdin.


I hadn’t really thought about it before, but I think my answer is the Theatrhythm games (… still had to look up how to spell that, though). Curtain Call is one of the only games I have that I can consistently go back to over and over again, and it’s probably one of the games that I’m best at.


Gravity Rush makes me feel so happy and good that sometimes it’s hard to go back to it because of the swell of emotions I feel.


Not a movie or a game but My Hero Academia is full of people who just make me happy. Except Mineta. He’s the worst. Also Bakugo is a jerk.

Also Lucha Underground. Those boys & girls hurt themselves for our entertainment & it feels so good to cheer them on when they succeed.


I feel like every time a question like this comes up I hop in with Speed Racer so I’ll spare you all a spiel about that today. It’s a good movie and I could watch it every day until I die <3

For games though? Split/Second is probably the easiest answer for me. Folks don’t really talk about it but…there’s just something about it. When I play it, I look like someone playing video games on TV, leaning into turns and stuff like a doofus. It’s the best.


I really like Botanicula. It made me smile from the very first time I played it. I also like to hop into Abzu at random times and just swim around. Viridi is also nice.
Mass Effect 1 was my go-to stress relief game last year, though it still took me like 9 months to finish it… lol
As for movies… The Princess Bride for sure.


Stranger Than Fiction. A movie starring Will Ferrell that I definitely wouldn’t call a Will Ferrell movie. It’s so clever, and the visuals, soundtrack, and concept are so well executed. The story is sweet and pure, and all the performances are top notch (Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Queen Latifah). Probably my all time favorite movie. I cry every single time I watch it, but in a good way.

Honorable Mention - Cinderella Man. Best boxing movie ever.


The Force Awakens. I love Rey and Finn more than any other Star Wars characters before them, and the way you see them grow as individuals and as friends throughout the movie is oddly life-affirming. Waiting for The Last Jedi is gonna be tough.


um, I tend to think of this sort of stuff with music, especially ‘nerdy’ music like video game and TV show soundtracks. While listening though, I hit up some classics like Peggle, or any puzzle game where you can be really good, but it’s not hard to do the bare minimum to succeed (Tetris works well too).