What music do you listen to when you're agitated?

When I’m feeling agitated, not even specifically angry, but this specific kind of energy where I take a very frustrated shower, I often find myself singing a specific song. It’s by a Dublin band called Girl Band. It’s called Pears for Lunch, you can listen to it here. For some reason, when I’m in this angry, annoyed mood, I find a strange solace in this band’s noisy oeuvre. Maybe it gives me an outlet, maybe I enjoy commiserating with the energy, I don’t know. Alternatively, I sometimes will pick ambient music to try to relax to, like Brian Eno or Janek Schaefer. (I’m also weird so I like some noise tracks like stuff by Tetsuo Furudate.)

What about you? Do you have music you listen to when you’re feeling stressed, agitated, or angry?

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You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar but I Feel Like a Millionaire - Queens of the Stone Age


When peace is just another word for death it’s time to give violence a chance.


I’ve recently accrued this as a go-to for when I’m feeling totally beat down and want to revel in/exorcise the frustration.

(On the off-chance this implies I have an even slightly interesting taste in music, I should clarify that is not the case and I heard it on a podcast)

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Lately it’s been the new Idles album.

CW: Sexual violence, abuse, kidnapping

When I’m stressed or agitated, this song is really cathartic and helps channel some of my energy. It’s about Amanda Berry, who escaped from her kidnapper several years ago after years of captivity, and the chorus of “Hello, I’m alive, I’m Amanda Berry” is taken for her actual 911 call after escaping. The subject matter is a lot, but it feels empowering in the way it’s delivered. It causes me to cry angry, triumphant tears a lot of times I listen to it.

I’m also very into grindcore and powerviolence, so a lot of bands in those genres do the trick for me, too.

If you’re into G.L.O.S.S. but enjoy grindcore and more extreme music, HIRS will do the trick. This EP is really powerful, especially “Trans Woman Dies of Old Age”.

When you’re in the mood for angry, noisy powerviolence, Chest Pain is great.

The new Closet Witch album and a lot of Cloud Rat’s output both have a similar mix of grindcore and other punk and extreme music genres, and the women who lead each band write lyrics about abuse, violence & patriarchal power structures that’s very good at getting to the anger & frustrations of everyday life.

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exclusively hardcore and variations thereof. Gallows’ Grey Britain album is a consistent choice.

here’s a favorite track. CW all over this thing. lots of anti-Christianity sentiment, excessive drinking/drug use, and some allusions to self-harm on the album.

I’m always agitated, and my phone’s music section is mostly full of Propagandhi and Matthew Good albums.

Avalanche by Matthew Good and Victory Lap by Propagandhi are the two I would recommend the most.

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propagandhi is the best band in the world


Until his absolute collapse into alt-lite bullshit, I would listen to Kanye’s Yeezus whenever I was agitated or pissed off. It’s a real jagged record and the samples just crash into your ears unlike the slick layering of his previous albums.

That’s been replaced with the new Zeal & Ardor album, which actually does right by the Strange Fruit reference unlike Yeezus.

Zelda & Chill

If I’m trying to relax, I listen to Bohren and Der Club of Gore:

If I’m trying to stay mad, Carpenter Brut:


choking victim is good for when i want to change anger to happy anger and get some energy


Classic Rock. IN the late 60/70’s, I was living in London therefore I and partial to most English Musicians. Prior to that, I are up in Texas, therefor I like the Southern Rock like Lynard Skynard, Charley Daniels, Almann Bros (saw Duane’s last concert before he passed).

Back up in yo ass with the resurrection…

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