What new games are today's Assassin's Creed 1 or King's Field?


By which I mean what game out there has some cool mechanics and ideas but is an iteration or two away from being a good game.

With Origins coming out I went back and played a little bit of the first Assassin’s Creed and was reminded of how incomplete it feels. AC Brotherhood and Black Flag are some of my very favorite games but they were preceded by a pretty dull game.

King’s Field is an even more extreme example. The bare bones of Dark Souls can be seen in it but it took a decade of improvements in design and technology to become something great.


I haven’t played it myself, but I’ve heard ReCore tried some cool things but just couldn’t put it together.

No Man’s Sky and/or Destiny could arguably fit, too.


Destiny is the obvious call, as has been suggested. I’m here for whatever that series ends up as. I think Monster Hunter World has the potential to be the same, in a sense. Monster Hunter has already been that for ages, even if Generations was a bit of a step down from 4, but World I suspect will be remembered as an excellent basis for the series going forward more than as a game in itself, it seems way too ambitious to succeed immediately. Though that’s the pessimist in me, I know I’ll love it more than anyone else when I actually play it because I’m like that. Maybe Dynasty Warriors 9 could be the same, but I’ve no idea just how much they’re shaking it up by going open world. Guess we’ll see.