What new tabletop systems have you read or played recently?


I’ve found that Through The Breach can work in roll20 really well, you do have to build your own decks for the individual players though. The only pursuit that struggles a lot online is the Wastrel, as Fifty-Fifty is unusable with their deck UI.


If anyone’s interested, Stars Without Number (and really any Kevin Crawford game, as far as I know) are essentially streamlined versions of Mentzer red box D&D. SWN has a really great scifi places/factions generator (as I recall… It’s been years).

He also (somewhere) has a really great guide to how he runs his business, including layout templates.


We used roll20 when my group tried out Through the Breach and it was really clunky. I even set everything up with pre-made characters and custom decks to make it easier, but roll20 just doesn’t have good card implementation. You just can’t do any of the deck manipulation abilities and simply flipping a card off the top requires the player to draw it first, then play it out. It is just way to slow compared to a dice roll.


I’m running FFG’s Star Wars right now, which I really enjoy - it strikes a really satisfying balance between dice pools and skill trees gameplay and more narrativist design.

As far as reading goes, I’ve been poring over WotC’s Unearthed Arcana releases for 5th ed. D&D and all of the material released for 7th Sea 2nd so far (right now, I love the world they’ve built for this edition of the game, but I am very ambivalent about its crunchy elements).


I’m running Dungeon World, which is super-fun and makes for good podcasting antics. Looking at doing some FatT style background/history creation in Microscope too.

It’s a few years old now but I’m looking at maybe running Diaspora soon, partly because I like space and partly because I’m intrigued to see how its combination of Fate and crunch will work in practice. I took a look at Uncharted Worlds but figured Diaspora would be more interestingly different.


You can actually just drag the card straight off, though I’ll agree the mouse input can be screwy.


If you like Lady Blackbird, the cyberpunk Always Never Now is pay what you want and cribs its systems from LB and is pretty great.


I just played Numenara last Sunday and had a lot of fun. Hopefully get to play again soon. It kind of feels like a middle ground between the crunch and focus on gameplay of something like D&D5e and the focus on narrative of Apocalypse World system games, if that makes any sense.

Also really excited to try The Veil now that the kickstarter for it is over and seeing the comments here about how it’s less structured than The Sprawl, which I really liked, but I’ve been wanting to play a cyberpunk rpg that is less focused on following the mission structure that games like The Sprawl seem to be.



It uses the Apocalypse World engine and is basically the trashiest CW show/vampire book you could possibly imagine, except a tabletop game and ten times gayer. A friend of mine invited me to play and though we’ve only had one session to establish the setting and characters, I am absolutely hooked.


I’ve been running FFG Star Wars, and recently used Ben Robbins’ Follow as an entr’acte to good results.

I am reading The Veil currently, which I am really enjoying, and the latest edition of Exalted, which really scratches an itch for moving parts and overcomplexity that is borne of my first tabletop game being AD&D.


I’ve been playing The Nightmares Underneath recently which is an old school role-playing game based heavily on moldvay D&D. It has a strong horror theme and is set in a fantasy Middle East where dungeons are invading nightmares intent on the destruction of civilization. It has amazing downtime rules where the players can invest gold in social institutions and really clear procedures for dungeon crawling.

The full rules of the game are available for free but without any art. The paid version has all the art and is well worth it if you want to support the creator.


I started reading that and am loving it so far. Very cool stuff.


I’ve been poring through DCCRPG recently. I’m a relatively recent tabletop player (6-ish years?) so I missed the old-school stuff entirely and never saw the appeal for the longest time, preferring either totally narrative-driven games or tactical mini grid ones (4E was my first campaign). Old-school sourcebooks tended to have just enough gender grossness that it turned me off. DCC has kind of illustrated why character death and random tables would be fun… storytelling within constraints, and trying to weave that randomness into a coherent narrative arc.


I’ve also been reading Dungeon Crawl Classics!

DCC is a good game because if you roll a 1 while casting a minor necromancy spell it could permanently make your face into a skull or turn you into a mothlamp for the undead.

Pretty much every wizard spell has a table like this, too. As much as I like a lot of narration-heavy, rules-light games, I really love the specific type of drama and narrative that can only really be accomplished through the procedures of play.

I also like that in DCC, adventurers are only “special” because they’re the lucky few to have survived in dungeons long enough to develop adventuring skills.


I’m new — so, excuse me for charging in to a long-running topic like this.

I’m trying to read a few new games at the moment.

Fragged Empire has been in my To Read list for a while. I played in a game at a group called Go Play Leeds late last year and it intrigued me. I managed to pick the books up in a raffle - lucky me - and then backed a Kickstarter to round things off. I really wish I wouldn’t do that sort of thing when I still haven’t read the core book.

At the same time, I have Genesys demanding my attention - as I have loved playing the FFG Star Wars system and I’m all for the storytelling potential of the weird dice. The prospect of a generic version of the system was too good to pass up.

Finally, I got my slipcase of Trudvang through the post - another KIckstarter. However, I couldn’t say no to 3 inches of slipcased hardback books for £60 plus shipping. That would have been crazy, right? Swedish dark fantasy with trolls, dwarves, etc. System might yet be too crunchy for me, but we’ll see.