What pants look good on dudes?


All of these pictures show the types of pants I choose to wear. These are great places to start.

Side notes: don’t be afraid to wear tight pants. Don’t be afraid to wear ANYTHING. When you first try on new styles of clothing, you may feel foolish. You’ll get over it. Get some opinions from anyone whose sense of style you may trust. They’ll help you through the self doubt. But hey! Some things may not be or feel right for you. That’s okay. What I am saying, though, is that more things ARE right for you than AREN’T right.

Generally, buy pants that are long enough to cuff more often than not. Cuffs are neat, as they add contrast, and are functional, as you can roll them down when it gets cold, and up when it’s nice/hot.

Black, indigo, and grey are all good places to start, and ideally I’d recommend getting a pair of each. Enjoy!


This thread has already gotten a lot of great advice so far, so I’m just gonna add a few more recommendations. The American Eagle Slim-Straight fit of their denim and chinos work great for a slimmer fit that is still a bit looser. It works well for people with bigger thighs and calves. I’ve come to love a lot of the pants that incorporate stretch into them, but remember that they usually loosen up a bit over a few wears and shrink back down if you wash and dry them. My favorite stretchy kind of casual kind of dressy pants are the Traveler’s from Banana Republic. They’re a bit expensive and don’t go on sale often, but they’re some of my favorite pants I’ve ever owned.

As for shorts, I second that they never need to go below the knee. I usually follow body positive fashion bloggers on Instagram to get my inspiration, but it’s also supplemented with sites like GQ and even the sites you buy clothes from. If you go into a store to try stuff on and figure stuff out, ask the staff questions. I know that when I worked retail, helping someone figure things out and find the outfits/clothes that work for them was always the best part of the job. Best of luck on the pants hunt!


Any recommendations on body positive fashion bloggers? I feel like, as someone with little fashion sense and lots of body anxieties, that I could use more of those.


pants with holes in em.


I recently lost a bunch of weight and had to buy new clothes. I like black denim. For pants, I like shopping at Ross. Right ratio of quality to price. Also important to figure out a good fit. Slim fit is popular but my calves don’t fit into them.

flexes calves


So, I went through all the people I follow on IG and tried to get a decent variety of styles as far as fashion sense goes. Most of these blogs are fashion-first blogs, but a lot of them have personal posts too. I’m just gonna post a list of their usernames on IG, and if I need to edit them or anything I can.

Here we go: zachmiko, ivanthefutureboy, dappergentXL, abearnamedtroy, extra_inches_plussizeblog, glambear, reginaldsherard, marquimode, bearykahbadu, rodneybowers, captain_thickbeard, plussizetransguy, goodboyfashion, thegoodcounsel, denzelalexander, chubster, asos_trey, stayhomme. I occasionally post fashion stuff on mine too, but it’s mostly just a personal IG.

Hope these recommendations can help!


I’m BIG into Chinos these days. They strike a nice balance between dressy and casual. You end up looking like you aren’t just throwing on any old shit while still not being overdressed for everyday life. And they’re so sleek! I wore nothing but jeans for years and got tired of the scratchiness.

Plus imo they look great on other guys!


Fashion and starting to dress “well” can be VERY intimidating, so I figured I would sum up briefly a lot of what has been said here plus things I’ve learned from being a member of the fashion community for about 7-8 years now.

Slim fit is king, until it’s not. Slim means it follows your body, but doesn’t hug it, so look for pants that follow your legs, and break about an inch or so below the ankle bone. Blue, black, and neutral/olive are the safest most versatile colors for men’s pants.

Funky stuff can be really fun but is much harder to pull off and should honestly just be avoided until you figure your style out. Don’t do plaid or any patterned pants yet.

Essentially, your pant options are slim fit dark wash/medium wash denim, khaki or olive chinos, and black chinos. The chinos and denim can be swapped, so that you have black denim and blue chinos but leave it there at first, don’t overwhelm yourself.

I can post some fit pics if you need any! I don’t involve myself in the online fashion world too much any more but I still tailor my own clothes and have a lot of fun putting together outfits.


Hi, I’m here to stan for American Eagle Extreme Flex jeans and chinos

I work out a lot and my quads are legitimately a problem for a lot of pants, but stretchy solves all problems


I haven’t seen it mentioned, so I’ll throw out a vouch for J. Crew/J. Crew Factory pants. I’ve got a few pairs of slim chinos, corduroy, and jeans from them, particularly the Driggs cut from Factory. I’m on the skinny side and they have a good balance of slim but not tight. They’re also constantly having sales, especially J. Crew Factory which is a little cheaper than the standard.


Honestly, I’m right there with you. I even do the slim fit which are pretty tight (purposefully), and they are the most comfortable and flattering pants I’ve owned in a while.


I was going to come here and say. I know American Eagle might seem like one of those brands that’s just a bit… much… but I absolutely love their jeans. I have a couple of the original-straight and a few other pairs of theirs that are just incredibly comfortable. Nice, soft jeans that fit well.

Also had the airline completely lost my luggage for a couple days when I flew to Ireland last year and got a pair from Primark that is just insanely comfortable if you are UK-ish


I just went and tried some American Eagle Extreme Stretchy Slim jeans on based on your recommendation. Boy those pants are comfy. I didn’t like how weird the bottom of tge back-pockets looked and they wer $60 so I decided to shop around some more.
I also tried some Levi’s 511 slim jeans and they were very uncomfortable and looked worse.
I’m excited to have a reference point from which to work now though.


I generally like to a get a little fancy on em and get things like
But I’m also on the taller side with REAL skinny legs so I enjoy getting pants that my legs don’t swim in. “Smart pants” comes in all different fits and work with semi-casual and formal outfits. I also like this site’s jeans/chinos selections and the prices aren’t half bad. I’d think about how you’ve fit into pants before, how you’d like to fit in them, and then browse around on here. (I get a surprising amount of compliments on my pants if that’s worth anything.) Best of luck!


i just bought a pair of skinny-cut purple chinos from ASOS like a month ago, and they’re already some of my favorite pants. I highly recommend them.


I’m curious, what’s with the hyper-wrinkes around the knees of the jeans? Do they come pre-wrinkled, or do the manufacturers just bunch up 2 extra inches of fabric around the knee and let the wrinkles evolve?


I’m curious, what’s with the hyper-wrinkes around the knees of the jeans? Do they come pre-wrinkled, or do the manufacturers just bunch up 2 extra inches of fabric around the knee and let the wrinkles evolve?

It’s called a “honeycomb fade”. What you’re seeing isn’t 3D wrinkles of excess fabric, it’s a 2D pattern of light and dark areas.

Raw denim is denim that hasn’t been washed after the dyeing process, so most of the dye is still sitting on the outer edges of the cotton yarn. Wear and tear causes the outer layers of fabric to wear away and expose the inner light-colored part of the fabric. The parts that get worn-down the most tend to be the parts of the jeans that crease and rub against each other: the back of the knee and the crotch area. Raw denim also tends to be stiffer and crease easier than washed denim.

You could also just use a laser beam to create a similar pattern. I haven’t actually seen stuff like this in a store, so I think most people are still getting their denim fades the old fashioned way.


Any pants can look good if you rock them with the right attitude (even sweats and pj’s can be sexy with some swagger :yum: ). That said, I’m a sucker for some 501’s.


Fucking this.

I once saw a young guy walking down the street with paisley patterned pants, and he totally rode them as if they were meant to be.


Yeah, that bunching is the only problem I’ve had with American Eagle pants. But if you go down a fit slimmer, that usually fixes it