What pants look good on dudes?


That’s fair, I only buy AmEagle stuff on sale. They do buy one 50% the 2nd and stuff like that all the time.


Can I stop a minute to represent the wonderful stretchy feel of Urban Star pants at Costco?

I have a few pairs of their jeans and black jeans, and I love them so very much. I’m not in perfect shape, and sometimes I feel bloated after having a big mean. I always feel uncomfortable with some jeans, how they hug my waist tightly around me when I feel uncomfortable.

These jeans at Costco are seriously the BEST jeans I have ever had. They’re made with a stretchy material that look the same as any other pair of jeans. They’re slim, but not TOO slim to where I feel constricted. They look good, feel good, and they’re cheap, which for me is a BIG plus.


Hey there, I will chime in as I’ve gone through the same journey albeit over the past 6 years or so. I will ditto the recommendation of the MaleFashionAdvice subreddit, particularly their inspiration albums and FAQ give some good insight with a range of body types represented. One particularly useful bit of advice I’ve learn the hard way is not to dive in all the way to the tune of all of your money. This process can definitely take some feeling out, especially with regards to which brands fit you the best and what fits your budget. Once you have a firm idea of that, you can feel more at ease ordering online from these retailers rather than trying on in person, but I would definitely recommend trying on in person until you get there. In general, as others have said, I would recommend slim fits which are more modern and flattering than “classic” or “traditional” fits which are geared towards perhaps an older more conservative crowd.

Also, start with basics before branching out, meaning dark washes of denim for jeans which are suitable for dressing up or down, and color staples for other types of pants like chinos: khaki, navy, olive, etc. The addition of a blazer or simply a t shirt can alter the look and give you versatility. Same goes for footwear if you are looking to make changes here, a good pair of quality boots can go with a wide range of styles for instance. I’ll post a link here to a “Basic Bastard” thread and inspo album for some basic context and advice.

Good luck with your journey, it takes some time to feel confident when you make changes like this but ultimately can be very rewarding when you find a fit and style that suit you!