What power or mechanic do you want transposed into other games?


In yesterday’s podcast they talked about wanting Prey’s Mimic power in other games. What mechanic or power from a game do want to see used more or transposed into another genre. Personally I would love more games to have Horizon: Zero Dawn’s subsystem targeting or Dead Space’s ‘strategic dismemberment’ system. I love it when enemies are more than just a health bar and their behavior and abilities change as you fight them.


Gone Home’s examine and put back mechanic. I feel like it’s been in quite a few games since Gone Home came out, but I still love it. I maybe be nosy as hell but I’m going to leave people’s crap on the floor after rifling through it. That’s just rude.

Dishonored’s blink, specifically Daud’s blink from the dlc. I you aren’t moving while blink is activated, time is paused and you can get pretty buck wild with it. I have no idea how it would work in other games but it’s just too much fun.


Prey’s mimic power in a way sort of reminds me of the key mechanic of Geist.

For those that weren’t one of the five people that played Geist on the GameCube, you played a character who had his soul ripped from his body. In order to progress, you had to possess objects and small animals in the environment to solve puzzles, and also to scare the bejeezus out of nearby humans. If a human was in a sufficiently frightened state, you could then directly possess them, giving you access to whatever security clearance/weapons/what have you that they happened to have.

It was a really cool concept, though sadly the game itself wasn’t that great. I mean, it was OK? But I’d be interested in seeing other games try this idea again.


Just put all the powers from Dishonored into everything.

Give me all the blinks, jumps, stealth, creeping powers to walk a world without ever being seen.


I still think Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis System has incredible untapped potential for emergent storytelling, and I’d love to see other games adopt similar systems.


Stealing should be a crime in all RPG games. It just adds so much more flavor to the world.



give every protagonist a F.L.U.D.D.


Titanfall’s movement system should be in every FPS where it makes sense narratively.


AI Director from Left 4 Dead needs to be in more games.
Nemesis system from Shadows of Mordor needs to be in more games.
Invade/Assist systems from From games need to be in more games.

An AI Director running an invade system, using the Nemesis system needs to be in all the games. (Would select same name, grows with you enemies, and allies, who help/attack you depending on how you’re doing. I’ll be waiting in the wings for the awards.)

Elder Scrolls style leveling, where you gain levels/abilities by doing things, instead of just XP, then spend that to empower skills. Learn by doing. Yes. Good. Also, spellcrafting with infinite scaling. So, you can make game-breaking spells/stacking/etc.



Breath of the Wild’s “climb everything” mechanic. I’ve never felt so liberated exploring an open world.


every single game that has clothes that matter for stats, should allow you to make clothes look like other clothes!!! i never ever want to have the problem of “this looks good but it has shit stats so i cant wear it” and i shouldnt!!!


I’d like to see Etrian Odyssey’s map drawing system incorporated into basically every dungeon crawler. It makes exploration deeply satisfying and putting together a really nice map gives a feeling of progression even if you aren’t necessarily ready to move to a deeper level in the dungeon.

I would also like to see Fire Emblem’s support system showing up in other games. It’s really cool getting to influence who your crew is going to befriend or more recently, make time traveling babies with. It really helps make your team feel like your own. The probability based system for stat changes also really helps make your team feel unique. I’ve been replaying FE Conquest and this time some characters that got bad level ups and wound up benched are doing really great this time around.

More generally I wish more tactics games would just straight up rip off Fire Emblem’s system. It’s relatively simple and very transparent and that makes gameplay on high difficulties feel like a very good puzzle game or something. The recent XCOM games shares a lot of the things that are great about Fire Emblem, but I can’t really think of any other tactics games that feel similar.

On a related note I’ve bumped the difficulty up to Lunatic for my Conquest replay and that has really opened my eyes to just how well designed that game is. I don’t generally play games at super high difficulty levels, but Fire Emblem really shines when you are on the edge of disaster. Chapter 10 has been the highlight of my gaming year so far. It’s the toughest level in the early part of the game and has several really interesting twists to it. My winning attempt had a Hitman-esque feel to it, starting off executing a plan I’d polished over the past couple attempts, then having everything go horribly wrong right near the end and somehow managing to make it through by the skin of my teeth. I spent like 10 minutes on the second to last turn just brainstorming ways to salvage things. When I finally figured out a way to get everyone out alive the feeling of relief was intense.


This 100%!! One thing I liked about Starbound was being able to have the good stat gear equipped in one section, but you could add another set of clothes to be your “appearance”. Much better than the usual mish-mash of incongruous armor.


Every single game should let me create my own character. Yes, even the ones where that would be bad and make no sense. At the very least, let me play dress-up.


God, the examine/put back thing is so great. So many first-person games, especially those in the 0451-ish vein (i’m looking at you, Dishonored) would super benefit from that.


The dynamic of following social cues in the Gothic games. Especially since Gothic itself doesn’t do all that much with it. It’s just that what it does do is so interesting that it really makes me reconsider my interactions with NPCs in a lot of other games. For example, in Gothic 1, if someone ever catches you walking into their house they draw weapons on you and threaten you until you leave. Also, at some point you go to the swamp camp full of mystics and stoners (not joking) and the leaders of the camp will walk around but if you try to talk to them they get mad, but remain silent because its a custom of the swamp camp that no one talks to the leaders, the leaders have to talk to you as result of you building your reputation by completing quests. Stuff like that is so subtle and simple yet adds a tremendous amount of depth and atmosphere to the experience. To say these games were way ahead of their time is a massive understatement…AI programmed to simulate social interactions is the number one thing I want to see more of in video games.


I would LOVE if the next XCOM game used something similar to the Nemesis system to give your soldiers more personality and have them change over time based on the specific shit they’ve seen on the battlefield.


what if every game had an m16

Jokes aside I think environmental destruction is a really fun mechanic and could work in more games. Not just like cutting trees out but just blowing walls and support beams out ala Bad Company 2 or Red Faction Guerilla.

In-game cameras that take photos that save to your storage is also a mechanic that needs to be in more games. My fondest memory of GTA:SA was stealing one of those oldschool vans, recruiting some Grove Street guys and going on a road trip taking photos of them in front of various landmarks in the game world.


This. This is the one thing that’s driving me up the wall (ha ha) with NieR Automata, I keep wishing I could at the very least walk inside all of the nooks and crannies it has rendered in its world but are protected behind weird, slippery, invisible walls. Breath of the Wild ruuuined me.

@MarkB Man, I’d love something like that for Brandish. That’s a game that has its own map drawing mechanics, but they’re so clunky and could be so much better!


I want Legend of Legaia’s fighting commands to appear in any other RPG, I don’t want to play Legaia over and over when I want to see that.

The closest game I saw doing something similar to that was Transistor, in which you would gain an amount of time, and decide which movements and skills you want to use, and in what order. But I want more than that!
I want to choose specific targets (like limbs, head, back) and create combos out of those choices.