What’s a Game that Makes You Feel A Little Left Out?

'Destiny 2' seems cool and all, but I’m not fully in on the hype.

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Hitman and now PUBG. I played the first, was bad at it and felt like I didn’t get something.

Everything about PUBG sounds like my worse nightmare. I don’t do well under pressure.

Wait, do people generally expect to be “in on the hype” for most games?


Minecraft. Mind you I tend to get my games months after release these days, when they are cheaper, so I guess I feel left out of 80% of the game conversations on Waypoint/Bombcast etc.


Pretty much any high-intensity multiplayer-focused game, or anything that’s hyper-violent. Any MOBA-like experience since 2012, Doom, MGS5, Destiny 2, Dark Souls/Bloodborne… Having a toddler and a newborn at home, any game that I can’t pause or put down at a moment’s notice, or isn’t appropriate to play in front of them, is ruled out from the start. If there’s something I want to play badly enough, I can make time for it after they go to bed, but that’s premium time, and only comes at the cost of quality time with my partner.

With those considerations, Mario + Rabbids has been a boon for my gaming time. It’s the first single-player game my son has asked me to play completely unprompted just so he could watch. Furthermore, the Switch can be picked up and put down with no significant load times or loss of progress, and that game in particular is turn-based. Freaking perfect.

Any MMO I see people play & Destiny for me. I really like games with multiplayer & enjoy some grinding but if I have friends who play those games usually it’s at hours where I’m either at work or asleep. I think I honestly can count the amount of times I’ve actually played a game with people I knew online on one hand. I tried to get into FF14 but all my friends leveled way above me so there was no point & at this point everyone I know who plays destiny has their groups that they play with regularly so I’ll just keep playing Steep, Overwatch & Absolver by myself instead.

I find talking about stuff I don’t like tedious, so I think the best I can muster is: The Witcher 3 Is Mediocre in Every Possible Regard, But Good On You If You Dig It.

Though outside of stuff I feel left out of because I didn’t enjoy it, I REALLY wish I could play Final Fantasy XIV. It sounds so much like My Jam that it being subscription-based fucking KILLS me.

i wish i liked overwatch. as a shooter it didnt click with me the same way team fortress 2 did (Smaller team sizes, shorter match length, lack of custom maps), and as a fandom i couldn’t get past blizzards prior history of writing coupled with the things that were already questionable about overwatch’s story. (remember when soldier 76 inspired a young latina girl by killing a bunch of drug dealers, that was a thing). all of the fanwork and excitement I see around overwatch, especially from queer individuals and people of color, is great to behold and i wish i could trust the people making it well enough to become a part of that myself.

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Breath of the Wild has very recently left me feeling like I have a very different taste than others.

That game is a real crowd pleaser. Big world, all my friends love it.

I get frustrated with the physics and big empty world spaces. Climbing and swimming would be fun but become a terrifying prospect due to stamina management. I’ve explored about half of the map now and there’s not that much variety anywhere I go. I loved the game I heard about on podcasts but now that I actually have it in my hands, I’m wondering where all that stuff is at. I’m actually forcing myself to play just because I don’t want to be the contrarian at this point.


I am so happy to see this post. I’ve been trying for six months to like Overwatch and I just can’t grock it. I appreciate the art style, the variety of characters and the flexibility of the play modes but the hooks don’t grab me at all. I keep thinking “maybe I just haven’t gotten good with the right character for ME yet”. And each time a new character is released I have hope that I actually DO like Overwatch, but I needed Doomfist to reveal that to me.

I keep getting better and better at the game, hoping that skill and reward will finally get me excited about the game but no matter what it leaves me feeling flat. I’m not much of a FPS fan, but I still get ravenous playing Titanfall, so I know that it’s possible. Overwatch looks and feels like the ideal game for me. But at the end of the day, after a few matches I still end up asking myself “what is everyone so excited about here?”

PUBG and Breath of the wild due to hardware constraints (No gaming PC and I’m not buying a Switch for one game). Really, most of the Nintendo games. I had a SNES and a Gameboy Color, so I haven’t played much of anything from them in years. I have a hard time understanding the conversations my friends have about DK or Banjo Kazooie because I literally have no frame of reference for a lot of those games. Same with Metroid and the Zelda series.

Overwatch as well. I finally broke down and bought it, but I don’t LOVE it like my friends do.

Destiny 1 for a long time. My friends were playing but I knew I had to stay away from it. Eventually I bought the stupid game and dumped nearly 500 hours into that glorious mess of a game.

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Pretty much any popular multiplayer game. I don’t think there’s any weight to the loop, there are lots of dicks, and ppl still have bad connections so the whole experience leaves me empty. I think I’ve been over it for more than a decade but people seem to really enjoy it and the industry keeps trucking along with a focus on online play. So unfortunately, I feel very left out by a massive chunk of the gaming landscape.

At least we still have single player games and I don’t think they’ll ever go away.

Pretty much any MMO. The only multiplayer stuff my friends really play are MMOs and I just hate the gameplay of any of them that I’ve tried. I’m also going to echo a lot of others here in saying I just don’t have the friends to play multiplayer games. I still enjoy stuff like Overwatch, but I really feel like I’m missing out on PUBG by not having any friends to play with. That seems like the perfect game for me because I love tactics and strategy, but you don’t get that out of the single player.

I never buy games day one so I’m ALWAYS left out.

My level of hype for The Last Guardian was reaching unholy levels of hype for years until I remembered I still don’t have a PS4, so I’m crying in a corner while still zig-zagging internet spoilers.


I don’t particularly feel left out because I simply don’t have interest in the games I don’t have interest in and still find a way to spend time with those friends without having to play those games.

But I also come from the PC gaming side where you can hang out in audio chat where a group of you can all be playing different games at the same time and have a conversation. For console-centric people it’s more group chats that keep me up to speed.

It seems like this topic is more about games/types of games you’d like to enjoy more than you do than about stuff you just don’t enjoy and are fine with. Sooo…

Souls games. I tried hard with them but it never seemed to give me back more than I put into it, and I never got too far in any of them. Once the ‘it’s not a hard game actually’ hot takes started to surface, I realised that they were never going to be for me and so I decided to stop trying after Bloodborne.

Which is a shame, because there’s -something- there I really do like, genuinely. I know why people love it, I think, and I wish I could access that for myself but I just can’t.

Another game that’s a bit like that for me is EVE Online where I just wish I could ignore the terrible stuff about the community and find my own way to exist in that world, but after a couple of earnest attempts I think I have to admit that I’ll always be on the outside looking in on that … weird, weird game.


I can’t speak for people in general, but sometimes I feel like the window of opportunity to get in on a game has passed. Take PUBG. If one doesn’t join now, or waits until next year, should one still try it? Will it still be as popular? Usually multiplayer titles come and go after a year or a couple of years. Thousands still play Battlefield 4 daily, but far less still play Battlefield 3. Or PUBG could become a fixture of the multiplayer scene, like CounterStrike or DOTA.

Irrational as it is, sometimes I even feel this way about singleplayer games. No one tells me, “it’s a bit late to get in on that, isn’t it,” like that scene in Master of None where Dev’s dad says he’s going to start reading Harry Potter. Still, because like others I wait until there are discounts to buy anything, I’m sometimes “left out” of being involved when a game has the most attention and conversation.

That’s a pretty interesting point on singleplayer games, especially if you follow games journalism. I definitely feel pressure to play Nier Automata sooner rather than later because eventually the spoiler window will pass and there will be more open discussion around game of the year season. So, for games like that where the story is the most important bit, I do think there is pressure to get it at release. However, some games like Fallout and Mario are more enjoyed for the mechanical gameplay than the story, so I don’t think there is much pressure to play them even for GotY discussions.

Most things Souls-y. I will beat Bloodborne one day, even if I have to rely on NPC/player summons for every boss fight, because I want to experience that world and its story. But I just don’t find the combat rewarding, and my reflexes aren’t going to get any better.

Bear in mind I really did give the combat in Souls games a fair shot. But I have, and always will get, more out of the counter-based combat of the Arkham games, Shadow of Mordor, etc. Seeing as combat is the bread and butter of the Souls games I’m just going to have to miss out on them and keep watching lore videos.

I just think it’s real cool there are enough great games for everyone’s taste, and that we can all appreciate that.

Thanks for being good, video games, and you all too.

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