What’s a Game that Makes You Feel A Little Left Out?


Echoing SpaceJammerSlammi and some others, it’s mostly been MMOs that have made me feel this way. EVE is one in particular that, while there were some good and memorable times, I still felt very much “left out” of mostly due to the time investment.

It just seemed to me to require such a substantial amount of time to feel like I was contributing enough compared to everybody else in my corp. As I had less and less free time on top of being burnt out on the game (I want to try new stuff!), it eventually became untenable so I left for good.

Also, a lot of players there were just… not great. Nowadays though, I thankfully have a much better way of thinking regarding all that stuff (being part of a group of friends in a game, community, etc).


It’s been Destiny for me. I don’t have a PS4 or an XONE, and didn’t want to play on my PS3.

It seems like my thing, and I’m really excited to get into Destiny 2 when it comes to PC.


I played that game and found it to be a dull slog through ideas better explored else where (Namely Shadow Of The colossus and Ghibli films) so I’m with you.

The trans and homophobia in there and continuation of the series sexism didn’t help.


Nier: Automata. Played it, enjoyed most of it, but felt really left out in all the discussion of it and the feelings people got from it, particularly the ending. So many parts of the side quests and main story hit me with that “Whoa, man, that was heavy, I need to take a little break” feeling only for the last… 1/3rd or 1/4th? of the C/D/E route to leave me kind of confused and mad. Part of it feels like I missed a part of the story, or something went over my head, along with my own strong desire/expectation for something to happen in the ending that didn’t. So during the E ending, which from what I’ve heard, is supposed to be this big moving experience, I instead felt this feeling of “Wait, that was it?”

I ended up not deleting my save file, because I intended to go back and rewatch cutscenes and check out the lore section of the menu, but never got around to it because this year has been packed with good new games, and trying to keep up with those, as well as play multiplayer stuff with my friends, has been losing battle. Now it feel like so much time has passed, that whenever I get the time to devote to replaying it, I should just slog through ending E again to erase the game and start over. I don’t know when that will happen, but for now, every time the game gets brought up, and praise is lavished on it, I feel like an outsider looking in, wanting to feel what they felt and see what they see in this game.


Fallout 3.

It was a recurring problem with a lot of Bethesda games for me until Skyrim sunk its claws in deep. This one feels a little more personal, though, if only because everybody else in my circle of friends still talks about it, along with New Vegas.

Destiny 1 was another one, but that was more because I didn’t own the hardware I needed to play it; it sucks that I have to wait another month to play Destiny 2, but I’ll settle for just being able to play it.

The only other game I can think of is Dark Souls? I play PUBG, I get the appeal of a game that kicks your ass over and over and over again, but for me, the fact that there doesn’t seem to be much of a cohesive or explicit narrative is a huge stumbling block.


Definitely the Souls series. Lots of respect to people who are way good at it though.


Souls series. Just found them to be dreadfully dull and the pace they moved at was just frustrating to me.

More than just not liking them though is that the series became the go to way for people to talk about games. Always searching for ways to bring Souls into a discussion, to compare whatever game in the conversation to Souls. Not to mention a fandom that, from what I’ve seen, is full of elitism and general shitiness. Everything about those games just feels like there’s this thick wall of glass between me and them. I can see the people having fun on the other side but I’ll never be able to break it to cross over.


First person shooters. I get incredibly motion sick when playing them and they’re just not a good time for me. I can’t even watch someone streaming them because I get the same motion sickness, so I miss out on things like Destiny and Borderlands.


PUBG fever hit at a very unfortunate time for me where I was preparing to move out of state for the first time in almost 30 years. Instead of buying the game and going on nightly murder-sprees with my friends, I was stuck sifting through clutter that had been hanging around our house since 1994, deciding what to pack and what to throw away.

Two months after leaving my home, I still haven’t found a new place to move in to, and the laptop I’ve been working off of is in no way shape or form capable of handling PUBG.

Though I’ve watched a few streams of PUBG, I’m completely in the dark as to what actually playing that game is like.


yup, I am all about the 2d Zeldas, which reminds me I’ve still not gotten around to Minish Cap or Link Between Worlds


Any FPS with a bad framerate on console gives me really bad headaches. Titainfall and Doom run like a dream, but even something as slow paced as Destiny I cannot get in to. Dark Souls 2 remains my favorite Souls game entirely because it’s the only one I can play at 60 fps. Bloodborn is one of the greatest peices of art I’ve ever experienced; it’s a bummer about that framerate though.


You spend a half hour raiding abandoned houses hoping that this one might actually provide something that could prove useful.

Then you are destroyed when someone you never saw nails a perfect headshot from 300m away.

You repeat this process until you’re given enough money to buy fake video game clothes. Occasionally, there is a chicken.


That’s really interesting because I ended up focusing on stamina early climbing across most of the map, the challenge of management was what made it interesting for me. Different strokes I guess.


I don’t have a PC that runs games so a lot of PC stuff goes over my head. I’ve found the online multiplayer co-op FOMO to be strong lately with Destiny and am hungry for a similar experience on my Switch. Splatoon is great but I want something I can play for a few hours that’s slightly less hectic and allows for bonding between friends.


minish cap is really good even though it’s incredibly linear. capcom did a really good job with it


It’s inconsistent for me. I only started feeling left out of Destiny 2 this week between listening to all the gaming podcasts talking about it non-stop and seeing friends sync up and have a rad time. I texted my wife about this and she was quick to point out how fundamentally disappointed in the first game I was, and I didn’t feel SO bad. And we’re both introverts, so social games aren’t really our bags anyway, but the FOMO hit me hard with this.


I feel you on this one. there are so many ideas there that I like in theory but playing it quickly became tedious for me. everything was too far to explore in small sessions and especially at the start you need to do some many shrines to be able to not die immediately wherever you go.

by the time I got to yet another terrible physics puzzle I finally gave up. and hearing people praise simplistic physics puzzles that everyone has been complaining about for the last ten years bewildered me.

I try not to be contrarian and ruin people’s fun but I wondered how much of that game felt new only because it was new to Zelda even if it’s standard open world tropes at this point.